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  1. 2013 Lexus ES shows up undisguised in China Front Rear Interior Engine Side
  2. For me, I am under the impression that an oil like 0W-20 Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy, may help in 2 key areas. Start-up wear and short trip city driving. However, this oil is 2-3x more expensive than conventional. I have doubled the life of the oil in previous cars by swapping out the oil filter after 5k miles, only replacing 1/2-3/4 a quart and driving 10k miles instead of the 5k recommended oil change interval. I was planning on doing this to the ES350 as well.
  3. According to Car and driver the new Camry V6 : Would using this 0W-20 oil in a 2009 ES350 be worth any fuel economy or efficiency gains?
  4. just make sure they are tight, lol no, don't know, but I think the quickest way to get the answer would be to call a Lexus service shop and see what setting they use I found the answer. It's 76 ft/lbs.
  5. Anyone know what the Wheel lug nuts torque specs are for 09 ES350? I set it to 80 ft/lbs. I just changed the rear brakes on 2009 ES350. 43k miles, they weren't making any squeaking noise which was odd because the pads were almost down to bare metal. Any way I think the dealer wanted like 400 bucks. I bought the pads online for 38 bucks and swapped out the pads. Took about an hour.
  6. What you are describing is a product of RWD or AWD architecture. It has everything to do with the balance, weight, control and general feel of the car. Not so much in a straight line, but in instances like highway on/off ramps, or traffic circles, mountain roads or aggressive driving. Segmenting the drive wheels from the steering gives the car a feeling of stability and balance which translates to a more luxurious driving experience. While the interior and refinement of the ES350 is top notch, it will always be considered as a pseudo luxury vehicle, because of the FWD platform it sits on.
  7. Those things are largely due to the FWD architecture of the car. A car this big, with this much power is going to fall down if you try and drive it like a BMW. If you drive it like a commuter vehicle, it's totally fine, which is what 99% of people who buy this vehicle do. I like this car, but it's egregiously expensive for what it is.
  8. The quantity is 6.4 qts. But only put in 6, then check. You can always add more, but it's a !Removed! to remove if you overfill. You will also need a oil drain plug washer, and you really should use a torque wrench to set the torque specs correctly. Also, I really wouldn't use that oil filter wrench. The filter housing is aluminum and soft. You can use the OEM part, I think it's on amazon for 18 bucks, or get a filter cap Use a 65mM/67mM cap-style oil filter and the 3/8” socket wrench. correct tool: will also work: This video is much better. It's for a Camry, but same thing...
  9. Do you have some kind of source for this? All the data I've seen has shown that luxury car sales are hanging in there... It's sort of bifurcated. Some are doing better than they ever have like BMW, while others are floundering like Lincoln. Lexus has been losing mkt share as has Acura. For Lexus a lot of it has to do with a confluence of many things. Lexus product cycle right now is a bit long in the tooth with many models due for overhaul in the next few years. Not to mention bad PR from the unintended acceleration BS and a brand image problem for building precise, reliable, boring, appliance-like vehicles. The financial crisis has made the yen very strong and harder for Japanese exports, and the tsunami has made a bad situation worse.
  10. The Genesis isn't as refined in terms of the pillow like ride quality as the LS. It's definitely more stiff-legged and entertaining. Some people will like that, just like some people who love Mercs, hate the way BMW's drive and vice versa. I'm more of a BMW type so I really like the Genesis. With that said, I still drive the 95 LS, and use it as the beater. It's never stranded me and I'll keep driving it till it dies, but I don't think I'd get another one over the value proposition that Hyundai is delivering, especially in this fiscal environment.
  11. I am both a '95 LS owner and a 09 Genesis V8 owner. While I agree perception wise, Hyundai has a bit of a ways to be used in the same sentence as Lexus; in terms of execution, Toyota should be concerned.
  12. That's what I thought too, but The NHSTA is investigating a fault on 1993–2004 Jeep Grand Cherokees
  13. Toyota Recalls 1.1 Million Cars for Engine Problem DETROIT — Toyota Motor, the Japanese automaker, said Thursday that it would recall 1.13 million compact cars, days after federal safety regulators upgraded an investigation into numerous complaints about the cars stalling. This sounds like the same problem that we're discussing here.