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  1. Hi All! I have a 99 RX300 and one day I put the key in my drivers side door to open it (my remote key does not work). I'm not sure if I heard a small pop, but the door did not open. I had to open it from the passenger side. Got in and tried opening the rest of the doors from the door lock button on the driver window control switch and it didn't work. The window controls seem to work a 1/2 second slower when rolling them down. I can only manually lock the door on the driver side, front and back. The passenger side locks without a problem. I can't lock or unlock with the key on the drivier side. Would this mean I need to get an entire new switch? Thanks for any insight!!
  2. Thanks Jaswood...it's hard trying to do this myself to make sure I don't get screwed over!
  3. I did change the oil as soon as I got the RX, not at Lexus....no one checked the tranmission fluid, but you guys got me going. I will get the transmission drained and filled this week!!
  4. Thanks again! I'll talk to the dealership and hope that they can figure it out. They will replace the 02 sensors for me. I'm sure it needs a tune up as well!
  5. No...not over kill at all!! I'll schedule an appointment for tomorrow!!! Thanks again.
  6. I have P1135, P0300, and P330 error codes. I'm getting the o2 and knock sensor replaced, and spark plugs. I was reading somewhere about part of the problem maybe the thermostat. Since I have no service records, I'm kinda guessing. Until I can save up some more and take it to Lexus to finish diagnosing it. However, overall the truck drives excellent. I'm just getting crappy gas mileage! Thanks for your insight!
  7. Thank you Lenore! I almost got my GS300 close to 300,000 miles, and I'm aiming to have my RX last that long. I have no clue when the last time the tansmission fluid was changed and I'm sure the dealership didn't do it either. I'll do the drain and fill and maintain from there!
  8. I just bought a 99 RX300. A few error codes came up and I'm having the thermostat changed. Should I have the coolant drained and refilled or flushed?
  9. I just bought an RX 300 with that same code. The truck rides very well and nothing "knocks" but since I didn't buy it at a Lexus dealership, I'm having it changed anyway.
  10. I just bought a RX300 and pulled the car fax report. The transmission was replaced at 121,000 miles. It now has 171,000 miles on it. Carfax is missing two years of service to the vehicle and I doubt the dealership changed the fluid. Should I get a drain and fill or a flush?
  11. I didn't purchase my RX from a Lexus Dealership. I pulled the carfax report and I'm missing two years of vehicle maintenance on my truck. I've gotten several trouble shooting codes which gets me thinking the truck was not properly taken care of. I'm getting crappy gas mileage. Maybe 50 miles for a 1/2 tank of gas. So I figured I better change the fuel filter as well. Thanks for your insight.
  12. I'm switching out my o2 A/F ratio sensors, and fuel filter since they need to be changed. However, I'm thinking of switching gas frm 93 to 89. I don't drive my RX a lot during the week. On the weekends, it's a little more. Can I get a few opinions on what everyone is putting in their gas tanks and if you will change to a lesser octane gas? Thanks for reading!
  13. Welcome! I just bought a 99 RX300!! I'm in love with mine. I used to own a Lexus GS 300. I love the Lexus product and believe in in. Karen
  14. I used to have a 95 GS300 with 240,000+ miles. I had it for 9 years and I ran that car hard and it still has a lot of life left. Treat your SC430 with love and care and I bet you'll see 300,00 miles with ease. That is my goal with what I call my new/used 99 RX300 with 171,000 miles with a new transmission with only 50,000 miles on it. I plan on hitting 300,000 miles! Good luck!
  15. I bought a used Lexus RX300 and love it, but I was sold a vehicle with some engine problems. I'd like to know how many Air Fuel sensors I need to purchase since I did have a problem code that did come up. And the same for the O2 sensors. Thanks!!