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  1. I understand to remove the oxygent sensor you move the driver seat forward and tilt it up there betwen the vent outlet and the left side of the seat there is a cut in shape of a + you have to cut headed to the front of the seat about six inches making sure to just cut the carpet and not the wires that come out from the floor runing to the left were they connect. Then you make the other cut going towards the left side about six inches this will alow you the access to the connection. Then pull it out from under the floor. The rest is under the vehicle taking the sensor off and replacing it. On the drivers side there is yet another panel which is for replacing the fuel pump, which is inside the tank.
  2. I recently bought a 2000 rx300, I have always been avoiding expensive cars because of the price you have to pay for up keep. Now it's too late I either sink or swim. Check engine light came on shortly after, had it read at the zone and learned. Po171.Po330. Po171. So they say I need to replace the (MAF) After reading about it I knew that it was not my main problem. I joined the Lexus Club and checked and watched videos of plenty of the problems encountered by rx300 99- 03. So I dove in and hacked no.1 to no.2, I also checked both with an om. meter No. 1 had continuity which according to what I have been reading it's shorting out, so that is the bad one the other had no read out. So a few days later I have Overdrive problems, I was already planning on fixing the problem the right way. I just ordered the parts so I can dive in see if I'm going to be a happy Lexus owner, I hope I am because I really like this one. I will let you know when I have. I also ordered a MAF sensor. Thank you Fernandolpa for the head's up on the Lid Cam Cover gaskets and yes I'm not rushing in it will be all I can get to for sure. I'm lucky I have a 30×30 shop with almost everything for vehicle or wood plus. My rx had The sel on and 190,000 when I bought it I have taken three trips to Dallas close to two hundred miles each, cruise control at 80 there and back mad house traffic it seems if I drive easy no hot rod I don't get the spastic trans trip. Smooth silent ride great for stereo listening. I love it. I also want to thank Salim and all the rest of the Gurus posting their experience, yes what you can't get from a book. I will be writhing about it and include the list of part no. And special tools that make it easier l'm considering also cleaning or replacing the injectors depending on the shape they are in my friend has a 1996 Toyota land cruiser that has over one million miles and is still in great shape, like brand new. I'm very happy now I used all Denso parts in the critical places and my Lex rx is running great now I made one mistake along the way so in the end I tried to start the motor and it turned but would not run, so I checked everything again and found the ground wire that I missed connecting it was on the passenger side of the IMA I figure it is a ground wire for the fuel pump, I'm not sure all I know is when I connected it started right up and ran smooth. I also put new Iridium sparks, it had Autolights and the gap all different in every one and wide open to the point of ridiculous. The knock sensors connectors came apart when I tried to release the connection the connecting wire on one of them was covered with white powder like the white powder on battery terminals they looked like they were the original sensors lasted 200,000. Miles. It is a great experience to see the way and quality they put in this vehicles. No cel light feels good going down the road in Cruise control in overdrive doing 80 mph.
  3. Correction it only opens or shuts the moonroof the lock side closes it the open side open it.
  4. Have you tried the key on the driver side door holding it on the open position for a few seconds. I think that will open all window plus the moon roof.
  5. First lexus 2000 rx300 had engine check light on, been driving for three weeks I'm impressed with the quality runs smooth very quiet so far no problems. Had it read at the zone and learned about the knock sensors number two is down. Will try the hack trip if it starts acting up but will start to order what I need to do it right. I'm glad and feel fortunate to learn from the members of this club. I feel that certain cars if you can't afford to pay a mechanic you better be one yourself otherwise you will be selling a basket case real cheap. Rich people step up we harvest and enjoy what they leave behind. I have never had a Car that I did not enjoy learning about what made it tick. Yes necessity is a the mother of invention. I'm sure I'll learn more hack trips in the future from expert member's in this club.

  6. I have changed spark plugs in many cars most are pain in the neck. The best thing I read in this run was the short hose jamed on the tip of the plug once you loosen it, it makes sense it would be easier to turn by hand in a thight place. If you use a swivel, I wrap them a few times with electrical tape, it makes it rigid instead of wobbly and easier to handle.