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  1. Hi there,  I have a 97 LS 400 so it's similar to yours.  I've finally got the two 14mm bolts removed but still couldn't remove the starter.  I've looked at the new starter & it's only attached via the 2 bolts so what the heck?  Was your popped right out?  Please advise.  Thanks, John

  2. Hey everyone, Been away for a while and have missed the LOC activity. Got an email that's prompted me to say a few words. It's been a tough time for us since early summer. At the end of May we lost Chelsea. She was family and we were fortunate to have had her company for 13 years. We had her father before her. So we've had dogs in our family for about 19 years. Any of you who have lost a pet know what kind of hole it leaves in your life when you lose one. Chelsea was a faithful companion on many an adventure. She was as sweet, loving and intelligent as they come. As an e
  3. Gentleman SRK, Heartfelt sentiments indeed. I hear ya about "accusatory and nasty" responses to someone's genuine attempt at helping with a members prob. I've read such posts at other forums and have often been amazed that their mods don't step in to provide some decorum to the proceedings. Has happened here as well, but not for long before Steve or SK step in to straighten things out, close the thread or even ban the member. These incidents only serve to alienate those members who would otherwise contribute to the thread. So do OP's who post a prob, get plenty of good suggestions, then disap
  4. YES, mine is just one click at a time, with each key turn. we (my nephew) are going to pull it out this weekend. Billy, check the starter relay.
  5. Free beer & $$$ is always an incentive. Having worked on the car for the past year, you know what's waht and is also a good incentive for buying. Just a reminder when bleeding to keep an eye on the reservoir level to make sure you don't introduce air into the system.
  6. Props for sharing this resource. Works as you describe. Welcome to the club!
  7. Come on DC, live a little! Just think of all the crowds you'll attract with "dem 26ers" They be taking pics all along your route! TMZ will profile your escapades! What more could a Lex driver ask for? ummm ... let me think ... ...... maybe 28s and a lift kit?
  8. Not to mention checking for leaking seals etc. Welcome aboard StlL!
  9. Welcome to the LOC! Since you mention that they have been like this from day one, it may also be that you're just not used to Lexus brakes. Try feathering brake application with a very light touch to start, then modulate progressively. You might find yourself getting used to them after a while. Can also compare with another sc. If after a comparison or after having someone familiar with the sc test drive your car, you determine that they are indeed grabby, then there are some things to check out. Assuming there's no contamination of the pads from oil, grease, brake fluid etc, you don't have ce
  10. Good tip, hadn't thought of that! The only thing I can say is that there is no SES light on and that the car tends to smell at idle. It runs completely perfect otherwise with no hesitation anywhere at any throttle position. Also I noticed that if I shut it down when warm and start it right back up in about 15 seconds, it starts up fine, but if I let it sit for more than a few minutes it does what I first posted. A failing coolant sensor could cause a hot start prob. Could be a faulty fuel pressure regulator. Could also be a faulty cold start injector or time switch - or a faulty ecu time
  11. Yes, nice tutorial indeed, complete with the service manual sections. Haven't been to lexls lately. Good to see it there. I especially like the reference to "blood stains on the next photos". I mean what's a job worth if you can't stamp your own dna on it! That's really personalizing it. :P
  12. Here's a link to an exhaustive thread on the issue of vvt and rotating the crank 50 dg etc:
  13. I have a gs300 1998, i just bougtht 22 inch rims, 8.5 wide, with 245 30 22's and went to put them on yesterday and they did not fit, BECAUSE they hit the A-arm, so now i am going to try and put spacers on it,too see if that will work, in turn i also have to get longer bolts. i will let u know how it goes, i am trying to avoid having to lift the car if at all possible. I am planning on cutting out the splash guards and other objects in the way. Dude I have a 99 gs300 on 22. N I only had to cut some wheel well guard. Goodluck n my wagon wheels look great on my lex. One more thing get some s
  14. If you're not ready to punch it up with your local dealer, or you're not as convincing as Landar, there is another way to get a discount. Ask the shop where you have a good relationship and which does work on your car when you don't want to yourself, to order the part for you. Dealers always discount parts for local garages as long as they provide their mechanic's licence # when placing the order. Typically a minimum of 15 - 20%. You can even pick it up yourself and save the delivery charge to the shop. Yet another is to scout this forum. There are online shops who advertise here or are mentio
  15. I'd be careful with generic discs. Make sure they're not the crap from china. Otherwise, one heavy app of your brakes and they'll warp before you release the pedal!
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