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  1. i am not sure what was that clicking noise coming directly from under transmission shift lever housing only when the lever is in drive position. When shift to neutral, noise stops. Although you can still hear the noise in reverse, d1 and d2.but not in neutral or park. it is worth noting that I have recently replaced those vacuum controlled switches from a/c evaporator housing about three switches total. Could someone give me some ideas if you have experienced such annoying clicking-like sound from under your transmission shift lever housing.
  2. My tihird brake light on 2000 rx 300 has been working since I bought the truck brand new. About three months ago, I noticed on my dash board a light blinking intermitently everytime I applied my brakes. I checked every lightbulb at rear of my vehicle, it turned out that the only bad lightbulb was my third brakelight bulb. I replaced the bad bulb with a new bulb purchased from Lexus dealership. The third brakelight refused to come back on when brakes applied, I took my truck to my mechanic who checked the relay located in door panel by the left passenger seat for correct voltage and flow, Everything checked out up to that point. Then he checked for volttage from the relay to the third brake light itself, Again, he recorded correct voltage and flow. But when he put a new light bulb in the unit, again, no light. Could someone advise me what else could be wrong with my third brake light?
  3. My center brake light has been working until recently when my light failure notification started coming-on intermittently when I apply brake. I noticed my center light bulb was burnt out. Ireplaced the bulb with OEP from Lexus. Now the center brakehas not come on since. I took the car to my mechanic with a new center light assembly from Lexus. He check my LIGHT FAILURE SENSOR for voltage,He got 12 volt from switch to sensor, and from sensor to center brake light assembly when brake is applied. With all of that, The center brake light will not come on. Could someone please HELP!!!
  4. Thanks SWO3S. You are exactly right. I was sitting down with my foot on the brake while attempting to set my driving memory seat position. As a result of my foot on the brake, the memory was not holding. But now, just sitting without foot on the brake and driver door closed, I was able to set my driver seat memeory position.
  5. I have 2000 RX300 and I my memeory seat is not working. I have thoroughly read the owners manual and followed the set-up process; but all failed. I could hear the beep during set-up but memory doesn't hold. Does anyone have any idea where I need to look for the answer to my problem.