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  1. Hi- Yes, I just came back to the forum. what's your question?
  2. Hi all! For us original LOC members-- I'm Back!! I recently bought another RX300 (for nostalgia, of course). The same as I had 15yrs ago, this time a 2002 RX300 AWD in the same indigo ink pearl. It has 78k miles and purrs like a kitten. I have a question about achieving max acceleration in particular situations. Since owning the RX300 15yrs ago, I've grown used to the quick acceleration of the '08 RX400h, '11 GS450h, '12 Bentley Flying Spur, and am finding it annoying trying to merge into traffic with the RX300. If i wanted to get the best 0-60 time in the '02 RX30
  3. Hi all: I need everyone’s input before making a vehicle decision. I have a totaled SC430 sitting in my garage (details below) and want to buy a 4-door replacement as a daily driver. I’m thinking an older GS430 or LS430, but I need your help with some SC-GS-LS compatibility. Further down is some background info detailing why I’m in this mess. But here are my questions before you read: (1) How many parts on the ’06-’10 SC430 are “swappable” with those of my ’03 SC430? (ie: engine, transmission, sensors, ECUs, suspension, brakes/pads, etc.)
  4. I just went through this with my '03. Some of the integers didn't illuminate so i bought a used one. The part numbers are different, but the units are the same.
  5. Did you get it fixed/replaced? If not, you can send it to me and i will fix it for you (free of charge, of course). I have spare parts from past experiments and know exactly what's wrong in your case... I've had that climate control unit from the '04-'09 RX330/350/400h apart a million times and know it like the back of my hand. You can PM me or email me for a quick response! :)
  6. If you know the fuse is already blown, just check all of them (under the drivers dash i believe). If it's not currently blown, but you simply want to know which fuse it is, then intentionally blow the fuse and have someone watch for which fuse it is.
  7. I've seen the aftermarket kits for the leather. They're awful. They use this rubbery "pleather". I would personally look for a used OEM original seat on eBay.
  8. Got it! OK, so that's indeed on the part of the door that's just plastic (vs vinyl). I would suggest rubbing the scratched area with steel wool; You can go to home depot and get some steel wool, they usually come in clear bags with different "fine/coarse ratings" ranging from 0, to 00 to 000 or something like that. Get some that's really fine, and another that's a grade less than that. Experiment with each on the scratch and see what works best. End with the finer grit. Break off a piece of wool about the size of a quarter, rub it into a ball, and rub in circles over the scratch, while apply
  9. No no nooooooo, for your purpose, you should NEVER use a rubbing compound or polish like Scratch-X, etc. Assuming you're truly referring to the textured hard plastic trim (vs vinyl or painted surface), use of a rubbing compound or polish will NOT remove even the smallest scratches. More importantly, it will only make the plastic SHINY as heck! This shine will be nearly impossible to remove, unless you use a pressurized air etcher (walnut shell) to dull the plastic. I've dealt with this stuff a lot... I can give you the best info, but first i'll need you to post pictures of the damaged area.
  10. You can check on ebay for a used set, or get them brand new from (they only sell new, OEM lexus parts, and their prices are 99.9% of the time the cheapest anywhere). Used on ebay, they can fetch about $100 each. But make sure they're not damaged/bent!!
  11. OEM. try for the best price for OEM lexus parts. I've done a lot of business with them.
  12. You'll have to remove (pull away) the wheel well liner, then reach up to gain access to the rear of the bulb.
  13. They're all OEM Lexus parts, rest assured. I've done a lot of business with them. Best prices hands down.
  14. You need to remove the headlight from the car via the bumper. Then unscrew the ballast cover on the bottom and replace the ballast. Here is a picture to show where the ballast is. It's the big silver rectangular prism.
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