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  1. check the disc brake calipers I had similar problem before.
  2. Depending on road condition, for example, there are many pot holes in New Jersey, so car alignment is required every 6-12 months to avoid the tires having uneven wear out. I pay for the alignment not because I have a luxury car but because the road condition is so bad. It is part of the cost to drive in New Jersey. Although performance tires tend to wear out faster, my tires still last for 50,000 miles.
  3. After not using the car and park it outdoor a week, I had a cold start of engine at extreme cold weather. There might be misfires so the engine light was on. I turned the engine off and then restart it. Everything is okay afterward but the check engine light is still on after one week. How can I turn the check engine light off after this one-time event? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am seeking your advice. I am considering buying a 2009 white IS250 AWD (with parking sensor, etc.) For some unknown reasons, it is difficult to find an equivalent car (with parking sensor, etc.) without accident. For this car, Autocheck shows an accident in 2009. The government crash report indicates this LEXUS backed up and hit a SUV on a ferry. The car has 43000 mileage and it is listed for $23,500. Would you purchase a car which has an accident record? If so, is this a fair price? How much is the typical price reduction in this type of accident? Thanks!
  5. Certain dealers do not have integrity. Try another Lexus dealer. I have a trustful body shop to take care of minor works and only bring my car to dealer for major service. This way I have second opinion to cross check their works. I interacted with a Toyota dealer that overstated the problems to make profit from me. Not criticizing the Toyota brand it is just I always have Japanese cars.
  6. Black, Did you buy the summer model or all-season model, if I may ask?
  7. Hello, I bought a pre-owned IS250 and its tires need replacement. Also, I don't think these are the original tires. May I ask how to find out the standard brand and model code associated with IS250's tires? Would the performance significantly affected negatively if I do not use prescribed tires? Thank you for your advise!
  8. Does anyone know how can I find a used IS 250? I went to Yahoo Auto and MSN Auto but I am not sure they are the best websites.