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  1. there are 2 "brake" lights. one is the parking brake light, if this randomly comes on while driving, 99% of the time it's due to the brake fluid reservoir being low or the sensor inside it (float) being stuck. the other is the brake WEAR light, it only turns on for one reason, take a guess what it is.
  2. strut rod bushings for sure. tbh i have the carson polyurethane ones and they ride/feel fine and are much cheaper, but squeak/creak like hell, regardless of the lube used.
  3. I want one of those grills for my 1992 LS400, send me a link or some info on where to buy one. thanks you realize that guy hasn't been on LOC in about a year right o.O
  4. grab some tools, buy a starter, some beer and take off a friday. a 3 day weekend is all you need.
  5. bottom line is that if you can't afford hte repairs reasonably quickly, you end up playing russian roulette every time you run the motor, praying the belt doesnt snap and DESTROY the heads and pistons.
  6. actually a piggyback fuel controller has shown gains of up to 30-40rwhp when tuned properly on the 1st gen 1UZ engine. too bad these "chips" are worthless garbage since lexus never made an ECU that used replaceable ROM chips.
  7. 89-94 is non-interference 95-97 & 98-00 is interference.
  8. thanks for the information, any thoughts on changing the ball joints with over 115k on them.. just curious if doing this before the ball joints go bad will provide any increase in ride or handling for a 98 ls.. thanks not really, well not drastically anyways. and no, you can't do it on ramps. if you've never done a suspension job and arent handy enough (or willing to dig deep into the car) then just have it done. it's not an overly complex job if you'vbe done some suspension work before, or even i you've got a friend there willing to help you who has, but alone i'd say you're endangering your own well being. plus you'll need a jack, jackstands, and an impact wrench (good one).
  9. wow that's probably the worst wheel torque advice i've ever read in my life. please disregard this guy, you'll end up warping your brake rotors and/or snapping a lug nut. regardless of steel or aluminum you don't generally need >80 ft/lbs of torque on the lugs, ESPECIALLY on these cars given that they're hubcentric.
  10. labor (if you're not doing the work yourself) to install a trans is a LOT more than labor to install 2 solenoids since you can do that without taking the trans out of the car.
  11. as long as you use the right 1995-2000 LS400 front lower ball joints there shouldnt be any modifications. don't forget to buy shims for the pads and the right mounting bolts (normal '95-00 LS400 bolts)
  12. instead of questioning the guy as to why he would want to do whatever, let him do what he wants, it's his car. ;) anyways, OP, better and cheaper method would be to use 2LS 4piston calipers and rotors, they are MUCH MUCH cheaper than the Supra TT brakes, and are actually lighter and offer ~85-90% of their braking capability for ~40-50% of the price. to put 95-00 LS400 front brakes into an 89-94 LS400, you need to replace the calipers and rotors (both will bolt right in, no modifications needed), and 95-00 front LOWER BALL JOINTS because the calipers will not clear the original 1LS ones as they are not notched for clearance. also, you will need wheels to clear the brakes, High disk wheels for sure, just get some that will fit a big brake kit and you should be fine.
  13. i prefer the citrus hand cleaner+ lexol soak in the sun method. works GREAT citrus cleaner+hide food would probably be even better :)
  14. what exactly do you mean when you say "hub bolt"? are you referring to the wheel stud that the wheel is bolted to?
  15. what color exactly are you referring to?
  16. AFTER you do wheels, suspension and get the stance right. THEN, and ONLY then will you be worthy of running puddle lights without being laughed at constantly.
  17. so your GS currently has the Original Bushings? do you feel slop at high speeds?? ive used Poly bushings in my old Acura Vigor, and it really stiiffened it right up. corners were a blast to take! my friend had poly control arm bushings and they were just stiff as *BLEEP*. poly strut rod bushings arent nearly as bad, though they do squeak from time to time.
  18. ehh, i don't really give them much credit as they have a history of not holding up on their dates. i would however grab a set of steering rack and sway bar bushings. polyurethane control arm bushings ride WAYY to freaking hard for the heavy-!Removed! LS.
  19. you mistitled a questions about a GS300 as an ES300 and put it in the LS400 forum go get some hubcentric rings.
  20. if it were the seals wouldnt you see a brake fluid leak? at the pistons?
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