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  1. Pretty good read! I will start changing some gaskets and keep an eye on it. Pretty messy under there so I will definitely get on it.
  2. I've owned my 98 over a year now and this is my third oil change and I've noticed some leaks which I was told by my dealer was the valve covers (I've also confirmed myself with being under there). There was a theory from my BMW days where people who started using fully synthetic oil (after years of base oil) had leaks like mine. This seems to make sense but I don't know what type of oil the P/O used. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Another reason I like to DIY oil changes so I can are what's going on. Car has 143,000 so I'm not surprised it has some leaks and feels like it needs motor & transmissions mounts. Can't wait for warm weather!
  3. Hi guys. New site looks cool. I've noticed that my car has a nice vibration when I come to a stop. If I throw the transmission in Neutral it goes away but once it's back in Drive the vibration returns. Didn't know if it was an engine mount issue or a transmission mount one? I plan on doing both once the weather warms up. TIA, Ed
  4. Good morning. I just missed my sister on her way to work but I wanted to check the level. I don't think she's had it in for coolant service so I am thinking either thermostat or a sensor. I could see that sensor being damaged from some recent stuff. Is there any way I can tell if the sensor is bad by testing it somehow?
  5. My sister called me tonight and said the temp guage on her 1996 was "up in the red for like 20 seconds" and has been jumping around. I told her what to do if it happens again and said I'd look at it tomorrow. Anywhere specific to start? I was thinking thermostat. Thanks.
  6. Looked at a 01 UL and it seemed like there was a lot of road feel/vibration/scratching. This common? Car was in normal mode. I was thinking either air susp or tires. They were goodyear. The 02 w/o air was much quieter. Thanks
  7. It wasn't recommend by the dealer when I had the inspection but its something I wanted to look into on the 98. Car does show some vibration at idle and miles are 135k. Has anyone done this on their LS? I did it on my BMW. Fairly easy but somewhat nervewracking. Thanks
  8. Anyone do this before? Need to do it on the 96 and wanted a good recommendation for a ebay user to go with. Thanks. Ed
  9. I looked at this briefly so apologies if it has been answered previously here but my thoughts were on running an ipod interface over the cars cassette system thereby tricking the car to play your ipod when TAPE is selected. This has been done a lot on my BMW boards with the Alpine units but I wondered if the Phillips could be modified in a similar fashion? I think the catch with BMW was you must leave a cassette in at all times or at least when playing audio. Any thoughts?
  10. I mean BFG in general as a tire. I've never owned a set. The MXV4 seems to be a really good tire. I checked tirerack and they list there for $141 and Sam's sells them for $152. I'll probably end up with them. I hate the snow and am definitely looking into some winter tires for the car. I almost got some for my BMW last winter but held off. The people I know with them wouldn't go without. I always fear getting stuck!
  11. The 98 needs some rubber and I called Sams and I can get four BFG tires put on for less than $500. I haven't checked tirerack yet but wanted opinions on those tires. Not too familiar with them. Thanks
  12. Took my car in last weekend and one of the items requiring attention was the power steering pump. The notes say its leaking and requires a reseal. Estimate was $700 total. Do they mean it needs to be taken out and rebuilt with new internals like gaskets and what not?
  13. Cool, thanks guys. I'll probably do a Mobil or Valvoline synthetic DOT-3. P/S pump needs a reseal plus the ATF fluid is dirty. Projects for the next couple of months
  14. Took the 98 in for a free 32 point and one of the services needed was a fluid flush. I've done this on a few cars so I'm ready to go this weekend but wanted to see if you all had a particular brake fluid you used or Lexus recommend?
  15. Or are they plastic with a chrome finish? Thanks
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