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  1. Its actually quite easy. Add the 2 separate froums a the top of this section. Don't allow any more thread to be created in this section. Leave the existing threads as they are. In time the combined one will get old enough that it can be archived and Viola! I've done it on another car forum I helped moderate. And to be perfectly honest it's the main reason I don't frequent this board as often. Too many inapplicable threads to sift through.
  2. Glad to hear its back to normal. Can you tell me where the fuel filter is located on your '98?
  3. You need to check out or You'll find all the answers you're looking for. Just a quick note, if you absolutely must retain every bit of 'couchness' keep the same rim diameter. I had 20's and coilovers and was more than satisfied. All personal preference. Good quality tasteful 19's or 20's are not ghetto by any means.
  4. Its the optional centre console phone cable.
  5. I just pulled all my Nakamichi out of my 2000 LS. PM me if you want it.
  6. There's lots plastics that are painted. Either way, I'm sure I'm not the first to want to paint an aftermarket piece to match. In fact I had a chance to call the dealer today and they said its 'LG03'. We'll see if anyone can replicate it for me.
  7. I'm looking to put a double din radio in my '00 LS and I want to paint the trim kit to match the HVAC controls. Anybody know the paint color or code?
  8. PRICE LOWERED $2000 SHIPPED Brand new in box & original packaging and in perfect condition Work Varianza D3S - Lightning Silver 19"x9 +30 R-disk (clears BBK) 19"x10 +35 0-disk Comes with valve stems and caps TPMS holes in barrels. If you don't have TPMS then valves can be put in place. $2000 shipped in cont. 48. Will be shipped from Niagara Falls NY 14304.
  9. Had a local retorofitter install FX45R Bixenon projectors and Porsche Cayenne shrouds. I'll add pics of light output comparison later. I still have to go through the process of aiming them correctly tonight. I can see the cutoff in my garage and it's it's a million times crisper than the OEM HID. Excuse the filthy car it's been raining for 4 days here.
  10. Nice post dasha1. Very informative.
  11. 20" Stepped Lip Work Euroline DH 20x8.5 +45 w/ Pirelli Nero 245/35/20 20x9.5 +40 w/ Pirelli Nero 275/30/20 Tires have about 6k on them with little to no camber wear as I was only running 2.5 degrees. Wheels have NO rash. Only 1 front wheel has 2 nicks from the wheel shop leaning one against the other when they were mounting the tires in the spring. One cap needs a little TLC to get the clear back to normal. Was like that when I bought them. Noone noticed and I didn't really care too much. Pics on the car from 3 days ago: Front driver: Front Passenger (w/ nicks circled in red): Rear Driver (cap needs a little TLC): Rear Passenger: $2500 shipped anywhere in 48 States & Canada. Wheels are located in Toronto, Canada but will be shipped from Niagara Falls, NY 14304 for US buyers to avoid brokerage/duties etc..
  12. Care to share where you found all these seats?