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  1. hey i have a 2000 Ls400 with 16inch by 7.5 rims can i put rims with the same bolt pattern but with 8.5 depth?
  2. thanks man im going to try this because it happens to all my doors they work and then they don't its weird
  3. I have a 2000 Ls400 Platinum Series whenever i put the key in the ignition, the steering wheel comes down a little and stops. when i press my memory button the wheel moves down again and stops, i have to keep pressing it for it to get to my setting. Also it only goes up and down it doesn't move in and out when i use the 4 way button on the side. what might be the problem?
  4. it is coming from both doors but not at the same time. sometimes from the passenger and sometims from the drivers.i could see the stain right underneath the tweeters, i'll try the paper thing and let you know what happens.
  5. 2000 Ls400 there is water coming in from the door underneath the tweeters and drips down from there. it happens whenever it rains a lot. before i open the whole door panel, does anyone know where this is coming from and if i can seal it up or something.
  6. 2000 Ls400 My door lock on the door behind my drivers side has a mind of its own. this sounds crazy but it works in cold weather and not in hot weather. when i unlock or lock my car with remote/drivers side button (same thing happens) the lock gets stuck, it trys to unlock twice but it gets stuck. the same thing happens when locking. this is really making me angry because i have to manually lock and unlock it.
  7. 2000 Ls400 I am installing a 10" sub and a 1000 watt amp i want to run 8 gauge wires from the battery to the trunk. what is the best way to this? i was thinking under the car but i would rather run them from the inside.
  8. get a trim removal tool(or a flat head screwdriver with black tape on the tip) and take out the wood panel in the center, remember to put the gear all the way back to 2 and have the parking brake on so the panel will come out then you should have access to all the things that fell in there.
  9. you might want to move this to the rx 300/330 forum section
  10. well what i did was replace it with an aftermarket 8" sub but, the screw holes arent in the same spot so i bought these pieces of metal from home depot and drilled holes where the screw holes would line up making a bracket and now my system sounds better than before.
  11. 2000 Ls400 Platinum Series there is a chrome lining/molding (i like calling it lining because molding sounds weird to me) but, anyways it goes around the whole car and on the rear bumper the chrome is gone its just plastic now. where can i get another chrome lining/molding for the rear bumper for cheap?
  12. 2000 Ls400 with navigation I was looking in my trunk when i found a gray cable and it looks like a cable for a rear view camera. I found it taped on the side on the right side of the trunk underneath the flooring. it leads and is connected to the navigation unit. will it work if I connect a camera to it?
  13. I have a 2000 Ls400 what are the amplifier specs? and what is the speaker wattage?
  14. no it doesn't. i hate how nobody makes tutorials on the 98 - 00 Ls400s
  15. 2000 Ls400 I want to take the sub woofer out. i took the two visible screws out but, there are two hidden screws underneath the carpet. how do i go about taking those out i am having difficulty doing this.
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