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  1. P.S. There is no power to A/C controls. The lights are out. Any suggestions?
  2. I was driving to work this morning and the a/c just shut off. NO power at all. I'm thinking its a fuse. Is the fuse under the dash or under the hood? I didn't have time to check it as I needed to be at work. I will check it later this afternoon when I return home (I swapped cars for my 1999 Jeep Cherokee which never seems to fail and has "ICE COLD" a/c). Another reason my wife says not to sell it. Any assistance would be helpful. You guys have saved us a lot of money in repairs. Thanks in advance!
  3. Check your tires...rebalance them and rotate...should take care of the problem.
  4. About a year ago I had a new compressor, clutch assembly, dryer & evaporator installed. The A/C never seemed "ice cold" like our 2001Toyota Avalon or our trusty 1999 Jeep Cherokee. Winter was starting so I did not use the A/C much. When the temperature started climbing here in South Florida I noticed the A/C air temp was colder coming out of the left side drivers vent and the center vents. The vent on the passenger side was noticeably warmer by a few degrees. I pulled the filter bracket out and realized the filter had been removed. Its definitly not cold at idle, but gets colder as I accelerate up to about 40-45 MPH. Am I just low on freon? My neighbor has A/C gauges to hook up. What should the gauges be reading for normal operation at idle?
  5. Is there a link showing how to install the cabin filter? I follow directions very well. Thank you for the diagram.
  6. How do you replace the cabin filter in a 1994 LS 400? Are there more than (1)? Thank you in advance.
  7. OK..I checked the fuse under the dash and its OK. What's next? Do I check for the soldered fuse link? I really need this to work.
  8. OK I checked the fuse under the dash and its OK. Should I be looking for the "soldered" link by the ashtray? I also noticed yesterday that the sunroof has no power to open. I usually do not open it when its 95 degrees ouitside. Is there a fuse for this also? I really need the lighter outlet for my GPS.
  9. Thank you. I'll be checking it after work today. I did drop a dime into the lighter (by accident). Habit of non smokers to access the "change drawer".
  10. Thanks for the link. Where exactly is the fuse under the dash for the lighter assemblies? I should check it first.
  11. No I don't need them for "lighting up" as I don't smoke. I do need them for my GPS and cell phone charging. Someone said there was a fuse under the dash that I'm missing? HELP!
  12. I just did my timing belt, water pump, seal & gaskets and everything else this site recommended and checked the engine for oil leaks after a run in of about 20 minutes. No leaks. However after driving a few miles and stopping I noticed an oil smell. Oil was leaking back on to the exhaust system. After checking everything (again) it turned out to be a loose oil drain plug. Something that simple. Its been about 400 miles since the repair and no leaks. Cooling temp gauge is about 1/4 to 1/2 on the gauge even with our 92 degree weather here in South Florida. Great to be driving her again.
  13. I was on Ebay earlier looking at Lexus parts for sale and I saw an ad for back lighting repair on my 1994 Lexus LS. The needle tips are OK just when its cold outside the backlights flicker and then go out for about 10 minutes. He says he has repaired 2500 of these dash clusters. Has anyone had any experience before I ship my dash cluster to him? The cost is less than $60 plus $15 to ship it to David Ruberg 123 W. Sarnia Street, Winona, MN 55987. I'm ready to pull the dash as soon as I get some positive feedback. Thank you.
  14. I just replaced my water pump, timing belt, oil seals, over flow tank, clutch fan, valve cover gaskets, plug wires, Denso spark plugs, new coolant etc. I ordered everything from Rock Auto as recommended by fellow Lexus owners on this site. Every part arrived within 5 days by Fedex to my front door. I did score a set of pre-fitted Mallory wires which retailed for $103 for only $42 from Rock Auto. They had 8 sets and were discontinuing them. The entire job took about 10 hours. I live in South Florida and your cooling system better be up to speed. Its averaging about 93 degrees and I do a lot of hot starts during the day (maybe 10-15). After 200 miles the coolant gauge has never been close to the half way mark. I was going to replace the radiator also, but it was in good shape so I'll let it go for now. Just happy to have to the car back on the road and it may take me 7-8 years before this service is due again. At 118,000 miles I have awhile to go. Great car. Great advice from this site. NO oil leaks (yea!) Thanks again for the opinions.
  15. I have my order ready for the timing belt and component kit from Rock Auto. I'm also ordering a set of valve cover gaskets & plug wires. Any recommendations on using a specific spark plug? Looking for a long life plug, but can anyone recommend a type they've used? Prices are pretty steep at $6 per plug, but if I don't have to change them again for awhile, it will be worth it. What is the recommended plug for this car and often should they be changed? Any thoughts on the valve cover gaskets? Rock Auto has several types available.
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