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  1. The sound is a low groan sound kind of like when your skin rubs on a leather couch and occurs when the steering wheel is turned to the left or right. Very noticeable when the car is first started and less so when warmed up but can hear it occasionally. Mostly when the car is still. It feels slightly stiff and feels like maybe there's air in the system? The noise is coming from the steering wheel area and almost seems like it's inside the column. I have checked the power steering reservoir and it's still full sans a minor weepage of the hose where the air control valve is. I have not had
  2. I'm pretty sure I've got some slight weeping of the No. 2 oil pan (lower) gasket. Any tips or how to's? Looks like I would need to remove the engine undercovers and then unbolt the bolts, remove and replace? Do I need to remove any major components? The service manual is not really helpful as it says to do the whole timing belt removal first in order to get to removing the oil pump and No. 1 oil pan. I've heard others say this is not necessary if just wanting to remove and replace the lower oil pan seal. All I'm wanting to do is remove the lower oil pan and reseal it. Looks a little ti
  3. Just buy a used WHAT off of eBay? The climate control module and the radio aren't even linked except that they obviously take power from the same electrical circuit since they both are not working. Check your fuses -- in the fuse box in the engine compartment and in the fuse box under the dash. Thanks. It was the 15A radio fuse under the dash that was out. Their was an extra fuse right below it that I used and now everything is fine.
  4. This one is my daily driver. A 1994 ES 300 with 126K on it. Any suggestions? Just buy a used one off of Ebay? If it is a fuse, where and what do I check?
  5. Guys, all of a sudden, my climate control and radio lights went out last night. During the day, I can see the clock still works and the hazard flasher button still works. However, the radio does not play or light up and the climate control buttons do not work at all so I have no heat or AC! About a third of the climate control on the left side lights up. I don't care about the radio as much so I'd like to focus on repairing the climate control issue first. Do you think it's dead and not repairable? Should I get a used one to replace it? If the buttons are pushed and nothing happens, I a
  6. Thanks for the detailed response. I assume the shifter surround wood piece you mean the wood piece around the transmission shifter? How do you take it out? From underneath? When I remove the circuit board, will I have access to the plastic cover so that I can clean it? ie is there a plastic cover before the lcd and one after it (the plastic cover that is exposed?)
  7. I've got a 2004 RX330 with the standard Panasonic radio. Inside the plastic see through glass where it reads the radio station, there appears to be some kind of stain that looks like milk inside. I don't know how it got there but I would like to remove the stains. Hopefully it can be removed by windex and I hope it's not a glue substance. How do you remove the plastic glass thing? Can I pry it out with a screw driver or is it more complicated than that?
  8. It's a sensor located at the bottom of the tank. Replace it or disconnect it. It's hard to get to because the front inner fender shroud is in the way.
  9. It's annoying as hell and aggravating to feel that clunk going over bumps and ruts. Thanks guys. That's why I love this board.
  10. It's got 90,000 miles. I guess that's what it is, a rubber bushing or both rubber bushings. Expensive to replace?
  11. Whenever I drive over some speed bumps at a moderate speed (5-10mph) it feels as if the front suspension is knocking metal to metal. Or when I drive over a crack in the road it does the same thing. When I swerve sharply left or right it does'nt do this. Nor is there any sound or problem driving at all other speeds either in the city or on the highway. It almost feels like some kind of rubber bushing has gone out. The shocks seem fine. Any suggestions as to what this may be?
  12. OK, found out the expansion valve is bad and needs to be replaced. It's located underneath the glove box. $60 part plus 3-4 cans of freon. Total should be about $250-300 including labor. What happens when the valve goes bad is that it freezes up, literally and when it freezes up, no cold air can be moved. Has nothing to do with the heat of the day but stops working after an hour or so. If you wait an hour or so, it melts and works again.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll change out everything to OEM and see how it goes. I have a feeling the previous guy had an amateur brake job done with non OEM parts.
  14. Stupid question but I assume to tell the difference, on the Nakamichi it would say "Nakamichi" on the stereo? Can someone post a pic?
  15. I'll give it a shot. I guess I should describe the sound better. It's not a high pitched squeal. More like a mid pictched scream. Kinda like a siren.
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