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  1. I was hoping to make the repair maybe next year or so.. Gossh I really want the Lexus.. But i dont know anymore..
  2. Im really interested in purchasing this beautiful 1996 lexus ls400 asking 5k$$ 130k Clean title One owner All service records.. (More about this later) Car is in mint condition. The only problem is.. He did not complete the 90k service (timing belt/waterpump) The car is overdue.. I dont have the money to replace the T-belt and W-pump at the moment. I can only afford to purchase the car itself.. I was wondering if it was just too big of a risk to purchase this car?? Should I search for something more affordable? I really want the Lexus.. but I know that if the Tbelt snaps, the car is DONE. (from experience) I figure 5k is a pretty decent price considering the mileage... What is your take? All you fellow 96LS400 owners, please give me your input.. Should I buy it?
  3. Im getting ready to purchase a 93Lexus ls400 with 130k (pretty low mileage) The seller has all service records in hand, and the timing belt was replaced at 60k miles back in 2000. (kind of early to replace the timing belt and waterpump isnt it?) Im pretty iffy on it. I ran a car fax and it came back clean, but a few years are missing... Is it possible to tamper with the odometer on the 93 Lexus ls400?? Its pretty outdated technology, and Im assuming that someone might have figured it out back in the day, Any input???
  4. Does anyone here have a repair manual for a 93 lexus ls400? is there one available online?? Thanks in advance
  5. I ended up selling the car. Just to update you guys.
  6. How many fans should I have in front of my radiator?? (I have only one) My friend has a 95 Ls400, and he has TWO fans in front of the radiator... Did Lexus manufacture the 95ls400 and the 96 model differently??? Im confused?? Could i be missing a fan??
  7. You can easily check the mixture with a guage. But it sounds like your water pump is gone. That's the first thing I would check because as far as I know you have an interference engine. I wouldn't drive it anymore until you have it checked out. If the pump has seized, then the timing belt will go shortly after. If that happens - the valves and pistons will have a rude introduction to each other and you'll likely be looking for a new car. If the pump/belt/pulley etc check out, I would test your replacements to make sure they're working properly. Then I would check that the rad isn't clogged. Make sure you have coolant flow. This is probably a dumb question, but how do i check the coolant flow? Also, Adding water seems to have helped my overheating problem a bit.............
  8. What about the pump/tensioners/pulleys? Is there a reliable way to test if the water pump is dying on me?? I'd really hate to replace this part if the problems is somewhere else. Also, is this part expensive? Are there any special website where i can order quality lexus parts for a good price?? Thanks
  9. yes the belt was done by lexus. I had them run the history. The car was consistently maintained.. I dont think the water pump and pulleys were every changed though..
  10. Timing belt was changed by the dealer at 116k miles. Car has 140k.
  11. Okay, as it turns out, the auxilary fan is working properly.. Im back to square one though. 1. changed thermostat. 2. changed radiator cap. 3. changed clutch fan. STILL overheating, ( overheating faster than it was) My problem seems to have gotten worse. Could the car be over heating because there isnt an even mixture between water and coolant? My grandfather thinks that there is too much coolant and not enough water..
  12. But it still doesnt solve my overheating problem.. That fan just went out TODAY for some reason.. Now the car overheats when in motion AND when idle. It overheats with the a/c on and off.. It overheats really fast too now.. I can only drive about 10 mins before the needle hits the red part.. WHAT GIVES???? I use to be able to drive the car fine, now it just overheats all the time!
  13. changed thermostat and radiator cap. My grandfather may have spotted the problem though. The fan in FRONT of the radiator isnt spinning. He says that we need to replace the 'relay switch' Does this sound right???