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  1. I am so with you, I do not like the steam locomotive catcher look on the new cars....
  2. Lastly welcome aboard, there is a lot of knowledge base on this site that can assist you in communicating with these service people.
  3. By the way you are way past warranty, so try your recommended independent or a Toyota Dealership, The car is built on the same platform as a Highlander.
  4. Totally agree, at 95k miles there should have been a timing belt change. At that time the camshaft seals and waterpump should have been inspected. Any Toyota dealership would have done that job for less than $700. The next big item are the spark plugs at 125k miles, but between you and me, they will easily last much more. If all of these leaks showed I would first change the PVC valve on the valve cover. Something is real shady about that estimate, I would run and as said find an independent for an estimate for the service that is really necessary.
  5. Go back to basics, you need to check fuel pressure. The pressure regulator may be defective if the fuel pump is indeed pumping.
  6. I cant remember, but is there a fuel cutoff valve for crashes in this car...?
  7. Also try CLub Lexus.com they have a forum for selling parts as well as cars by owners. Saw a few RX300 on that forum for sale.
  8. Try Carmax, OR Cars.com...Carmax will ship for a reasonable fee from anywhere. Look for California or florida cars as they will have no rust or snow abuse.
  9. Could you run codes and give us that info....it would help us help you. By the way welcome aboard. Sounds like it is in limp mode, you could have other issues such as knock sensors/etc. but without codes don't know...
  10. Could you run codes and give us that info....it would help us help you. By the way welcome aboard.
  11. The compressor is less than $300 from RockAuto. I would pull vehicle and have an independent replace it.
  12. Either that or the the belt broke and wrapped around the crankshaft.
  13. Your Camry experience is probably all you need. KYB will work well. My son has an 07 ES350 and the only issue has been front brake vibration. He has tried many combinations of disks and pads and the vibration has always returned. Still have not come up with solution. By the way welcome aboard. The Camry and ES platform share many of not most components.
  14. Brake Pads Clip - Lexus (04947-48050) about $12 at Lexus.
  15. smoken deal TerryMAC. Enjoy your ride, I paid 24k in 2010 with the same basic mileage.
  16. Personally I would fix the issues, and drive further, The lack of a car payment more than compensates for maintenance dollars. I have 193k miles on my RX400h and am loving it. Replaced all shocks and mounts, lower control arms and ball joints, next coming up again is the timing belt. But hey no car payment, and a great ride.
  17. Wow wonder what the story behind that replacement dip stick was? Previous owner loose it and was given incorrect one?
  18. I purchased Michelin LTX Defenders series, so far good and they are rated for 70k miles. Rated very well by Consumers report....
  19. Ask them if you can bring your own oil....Than go to Walmart and buy the 5 liter container for less than $26 and let them charge for the oil filter and change.
  20. By the way if you do plugs, make sure to use Denso, or NGK iridium plugs...DO NOT USE BOSCH. THe torque strut engine mount is on top of the engine on the passenger side. It is a short little rod with rubber mounts on each end. mounted next to the Brake fluid reservoir and front cam area of the engine.
  21. The surge is not normal, I would suggest the ISC reset and also possible a worn Torsion strut on the top engine mount. As for noise on AM that is definetly not the normal. Sounds like a broken or unhooked antenna.
  22. I too had an RX300, great car. But the second generation RX is so much nicer, except for the leather on the seats, (not a great in quality) but sufficient. I love my RX400h (2008), by far my most favorite vehicle I have ever owned. I bought at 88k miles and now have 189k miles. Definetly refined, and a great road car.
  23. The reason I went after new suspension parts is that on a weaving windy road, I found my stability lacking as the shocks showed lack of support. The Control arm bushings were severely cracked and so between that and the new struts and mounts, the car feels so much better. The ball joints came with the control arms, a plus, especially at 186k miles. I have had one wheel bearing go bad, but other than that a great auto. I plan on pushing it till 250k miles before I make any changes... by the way I performed all work listed above. Not really an easy task on the control arms....
  24. I would say that someone either treated the vehicle like a 4 wheel drive in the boonies or the stealership is looking for the managers new boat payment. I have 189000 miles on my RX400h and yes I have replaced the shocks, and control arms along with the ball joints, but they were not shot. I would expect that you will have a happy 150k miles of reliability after those repairs, and yes be thankful they are covered. Hey good news is your vehicle should ride like new.
  25. They do make a tool for those clamps...Makes it so much easier.