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  1. Hi. It is March 23, Raleigh, N.C. The power windows on my 2005 ES 330 quit working--except the driver window works normally. Three others do not respond to either the master switch, or door switch. Fuses are good. I've read everything I can find on line, but nothing is specific to this. I think the left rear went out first. Thanks for any help! Paul
  2. Thanks Lenore. This unit has four solenoids. Two are joined as a pair--this seems to be the most popular item on ebay so perhaps they fail regularly...
  3. Thanks Gene. Guess I'll look for someone locally. The folks who rebuilt the tranny three years went out of business. Most shops just want to do a complete rebuild. The car isn't worth that expense.
  4. Thanks Trevor. I removed the pan and tightened the plug for the front solenoid. I can hear it click when I apply voltage, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. I am hoping someone else has had this problem and fixed it.
  5. Hi all. I have a '96 ES300 with a trans that is stuck in second gear. I have a code PO753, solenoid1. The trans was rebuilt three years ago and has been fine since. Fluid is full and clean. I need to know if my problem likely is the solenoid, or more likely the valve body. I need to know how to replace the solenoid, if I go in that direction. It appears the valve body has to come out, and I'm afraid of dropping check balls all over the place. Any advice is appreciated. Otherwise I have to let go of a car that has served me well for years.\ Thanks. Paul Smith. Raleigh, N.C. f
  6. Hi Folks. My '96 ES300 is setting a PO753 solenoid A trouble code and is shifting erratically. I removed the pan and tested the front solenoid with voltage and got the click. I tightened the solenoid connector and changed the fluid, which was fairly clean. The code then returned along with the shifting problems. It looks like you have to remove the valve body to replace the solenoid. Has anyone else dealt with this? Car has 298Kmiles. Thanks! Paul Smith
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