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    Sheesh. Have them run a diagnotic scan to identify what DTC Code its throwing. This "he believes " crap is too much. Finding a good shop nowadays is almost impossible I know. But at least simple competence should be expected by the shop owners. Then come back to us and we'll see what kind of help you really need. Paul
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    I believe if it has the air ride suspension and Nav System it is worth 15,000. Try to find a UL in good condition with the air ride. There are almost none available.
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    Looks like it's designed just for you and Mongolia!! Paul
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    Lexus GXOR concept looks cool. More info to come
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    There are too many possibilities to speculate which is why you need a trained tech with appropriate equipment to diagnose. If I had to guess, the problem might be a defective spark plug coil. But a defective engine or transmission mount could cause a similar vibration.

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