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  1. wasn't the fuse. probably a loose wire. have an appt w/a mechanic. but, if anyone has advice, please speak up! thanks.
  2. Yesterday upon starting my RX300 (2000, 75K) after a 10min shopping stop, the LCD panel stopped displaying radio, air and cruise info but maintained clock. I drove home (~20min) & stopped/started the vehicle 2x & LCD returned to normal. Then, this morning, upon starting it took about 2min of running before the radio, air, cruise info came back - closk always stayed consistent & bright. I’ve read through many threads that discuss LCD bleed, which this doesn’t seem to fit problem and recommendations for head unit replacements on older models. I’ll look at the fuses tonight as a suggestion. If it was a blown fuse though it would be completely out…. At least that is what I figure. I thought I throw an inquiry out there if anyone else has ever heard/seen of this issue & possible fixes (if in fact it isn’t a fuse). Thanks for any suggestions!