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  1. One thing I will miss, after switching to the Avalon Limited, is the Lexus Service Department. Hands down, they are number One. I think my wife is ready to get out of her '04 RX330, and don't know if she will opt for a Lexus. But I will stay a member of this site to stay current in what is happening.
  2. I wanted to buy a 2013 ES, but did not like the joystick like controller or they way the Nav screen was set so far back, close to the windshield. I went with a '13 Toyota Avalon Limited with the Technology Pkg and absolutely love it. It has the perfect ride.
  3. I'm at 38k miles(on my '09) and my front end is shimmying again. Under warranty the pads were replaced and rotors turned at 20k miles. $360 I didn't have to pay. So it seems like the rotors have a life of 20k miles. I do not want turn them again....once only, then replace them & pads. So this time, still under warranty, I suspect from what Lexus told me before that they will not pay this time. It will probably cost some big bucks. Anyone else finding front brake issues every 20k miles?
  4. I agree the Michelins handle way better (braking & cornering), but I found the Bridgestones smoother with less noise on most roads.
  5. Steve is correct. Once you adjust your tire pressure, reset the monitor and once pressure drops in one or more tires (to a set limit) the warning light will illuminate. It is a very good system, as I picked up a nail and the light came on. Just looking at all 4 tires, I couldn't tell which one was low, but a gauge told me and then I saw the nail. And I think the system also monitors the spare tire, so be aware of that. Pete
  6. Happened to me too on July 4, 2010. I couldn't beleive it. The possibility of bottle rockets flying into my car. It was like a war zone out in the street. Then I remembered having stooped down for several seconds, while in the house, as the key fob was in my right front pocket and that caused the windows down/sunroof open. Forgot to get it reprogrammed on my last service, but will the next time.
  7. I got the blue dye transfer (from new blue jeans) on the leather driver's seat. I washed the jeans twice to prevent it, but that did not help. I found some Leatherique (don't know when I purchased it) and it completely removed the dye. I tried other products (Sonus Leather Cleaner) and that got rid of 80% - 90%, but some of the blue was still visible.
  8. At my 20k service I reported I felt a shudder during braking. Under warranty, the brakes were replaced and the rotors turned. After getting new tires (switched from the Bridgestones to Michelin Primacy), my braking and handling improved drastically. Not sure what tires you have, but it is worth a shot.
  9. Since both of my Lexus vehicles are made in Japan, I'm wondering if vehicle replacement parts will be hard to get. Does anyone know if the parts are made in Japan? I can only imagine it will be a very, very long time before the country is back to normal. I feel so sorry for all of the people affected.
  10. I usually fill up at the half tank level. I used to switch between premium & mid grade. Now, based on all the logical information in this forum, I will either exclusively use regular or possibly switch between regular & mid. My only concern ---- I recently had both our '04 RX 330 & the '09 ES350 serviced. Each time I had a different service writer. I asked each of them their opinion of using regular when the manual calls for premium. They both said NO, use premium, because of some kind of build up in the engine. One said to use only Chevron, because of the Techron additive.
  11. Wish I never read this I am confused. First of all the compact spare is not part of the tire pressure monitoring system (per the manual). I guess if you have a full size spare, it would be. Also, the monitoring system uses as a benchmark what ever the tire pressure is when the system is reset. It doesn't say, but I would assume maybe a 10% loss of pressure would set off the warning light. So, if the dealer put 30 pounds in each tire and set the system, then 27 psi would set off the light. Now, here is what I don't understand. I recently replaced all four tires at an independe
  12. There is a youtube video showing how to change the battery: It's very simple and I change both key fob batteries every year.
  13. I just had my 20k service. I told the advisor I felt a shimmy in the front end while braking. They turned the rotors and replaced the pads under warranty. They said they will only do this once. I don't know how much pad was left. I also got new tires to replace the Bridgestone Turzana's. I had 4/32" left on the rear and a little more on the front. I went with the Michelin Primacy's..."V" rated. Wow, what a difference. Not so much in the noise factor, but in braking and handling. The Primacy's are much more quiet, by how much it's hard to say. But it takes much less effort to brake a
  14. Also, when I replaced the crap OEM tires with Michelin Primacy's, the car is now tomb quiet. Did you go with the "V" or "H" rated Primacy's? I'm replacing the crap Bridgestones on Tuesday. I ordered the "V" rated.
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