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1 hour ago, Lexus Owners Club said:

Shhh! ..... can we keep the noise down on here please...聽 馃檪

Hi Trevor,

all of a sudden something is happening in the forum and you want to keep it quiet?

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I have been riding so many mountain bikes in so many years that I supposedly should know something about the components in them.

The components that are keeping the rider in contact with bike are handlebar, saddle and pedals.

While handlebars and saddles are available in so many variations and shapes that are fitting various shapes of us riders pedals are a different beast.

My absolute favourite as best ever made clipless pedals are from Speedplay. FROGS.

Only pedals with free float will prevent you to hurt your knees like you would if the cleats in the most used pedals are just a little out of position.

Having tried all the most used I by accident found that problems with knees riding clipless pedals are due to your knees.

Accepted that as I have fallen down when climbing mountains and crashing into things I continued reading and found out the knees that are not in perfect order need to be able to move in more than one direction and that is what the Frog pedals allow.

Suddenly I could ride 5 or more hours without problems in knees and now I have these pedals on the bikes I use for more than just going to the baker.

Another plus is that they clip in and out in muddy conditions, where many other pedals would not connect your shoes to the pedals.

Sure I also have a favourite saddle whereas handlebars are much alike as long as they are flat.

Favourite saddle is from SMP, but they are complicated to get adjusted correct and must be bought right size depending on your sit bones. Soft saddles are popular for short time use, but for more than just a few hours in saddle regularly, they are useless. Full carbon saddle will take a while to get used to, but after getting used to one, nothing else will be that good.

Sure this has little to do with cars, but these are items I do like.


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