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  1. Unfortunately, the system won't function without the control panel. Best idea would be to find a secondhand panel and it should then start working fine
  2. Most brand links are suitable as they would all function effectively it is just how long they will the saying goes 'you get what you pay for' so if you are keeping the car and don't want to keep replacing them then the best you can get for your budget is the way to look at it
  3. If you are smelling fuel then it must be leaking from somewhere. May only be a small amount but although the regulator/damper are different they may be faulty or the installation is missing a seal? Worth removing after depresurrising the system and checking for correct sealing
  4. It looks like there may be air leaks in the exhaust system causing excess oxygen levels before the cats/lambda's Best way to prove/eliminate this is to measure the oxygen levels in the exhaust gases....should be as close to zero reading at idle/cruise
  5. Another method to establish point of entry for debris is to use a Smoke Generator which allows smoke to enter from within the car and can easily be seen to exit through holes, grilles, etc
  6. Agree!! Code reader all the way, at least it will narrow down the possibilities and allow accurate assessment of which sensor is at fault rather than guessing and expensive replacement parts
  7. If it is the Engine Management System light then this could also trigger the ABS and Traction Control as the engine control system has an issue and this will also affect the ability of the other two systems to operate efficiently, hence they would also go offline until the problem resolves. Could be a simple issue such as a sensor reading is slightly off from the norm.
  8. I did not know that....makes sense though!
  9. Great story Mike, always nice to know someones journey through life, and especially through forums. Forums have come and gone much like most things in life but forums have always been there with a friendly atmosphere but social is just like chatting to a stranger in the street but not the same as having a beer with your friends. Time certainly does fly though, got to make every day count as you get the other side of the hill 🙂
  10. 🙂 I used to think that and then suddenly 20 years just flies by almost overnight and then you wonder where they have gone.....and how much beer has been drunk in that time 🙂
  11. ....and its always a pleasure to see you here dcfish 20 years is a very long time but soon flies by as you get older 🙂
  12. Been here for a few years but nowhere near as long as Steve and a number of mods and long term members
  13. It sounds rather like the vehicle battery being slightly discharged and creating issues with the auxiliary electrics. Is the battery in good condition and fully charged?
  14. Lovely truck....mean looking truck and very capable for most tasks
  15. Absolutely correct! maybe worth looking at how quick it will launch from standing start....far more fun on a track 🙂
  16. I would advise not to wait, if in doubt, replace the belt and tensioners to avoid engine failure
  17. HaHa....that's the law according to Sod. Guaranteed to be a salesman at the other end once you've sprinted the length of the yard 🙂
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