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Things I do like!

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I like it when I'm trimming a rose bush, grab one to place in a jar and while heading indoors the Mrs arrives from work so I hand her the rose. 



Or when I come from work and the dog greets me at the door, tail all wagging-like. And the parrot says "welcome home"……

Or when a nice breeze blows just as the grass cut chore is over and the Mrs brings out a tall glass of ice cold spring water. 

Or when a new baseball cap fits my noggin just right without adjusting it. 

Or I step on the bathroom scale expecting to have gained weight but the scale shows I actually lost a little. 

Or when my son and I went to do the first start after an engine swap, expecting a hard to start issue but ole bessy fires right up. 

Or when the lawnmover starts first pull……again. 

Or helping out old people. 

Or thanking a soldier/veteran.

Or tipping the person at the toll booth. Yes I stop and pay in cash so I can do that. 

Or when the voicemail on your phone was not a robo-call and instead was a friend telling you "hello, here's my new phone number"

Or when you sneeze and a perfect stranger says "bless you". 

Life is short. But smiling makes you live longer. Trouble with being dead is it lasts so long. 




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8 hours ago, RX400h said:

You worked in Sweden? 👍

Skanska expanded. They had a crew replacing a bridge over the James river in Richmond Va. That crane was brought in to hang girders over the river from the shore, which required lift capacity beyond the typical one(s) used around there. Note the truck to the left is about 7 feet (2.2m) tall. 

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That is a big piece of equipment! When working in Chengdu, China, there was a company, right behind the one in which I was working, that made massive cranes. I used to stop for a minute or two to watch them testing them.

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I have a brother who is struggling with weight control issues and his doc keeps telling him to avoid carbs and such even though his triglicerides are that of a marathon runner. He works a labor job and has large muscles yet since he stopped using nicotine products he blew up like a balloon.

We discuss diets and such. He obsesses about grams and daily values etc and cannot understand why he stays so bloated anymore. When I see him in the grocery store and check out what's in his cart I just smile knowing he'll always look like a whiskey barrel if he keeps buying that stuff. I like that stuff on ocasion and yeah, I could eat healthier but I enjoy food, which at times means treats are part of the process. Corn on the cob is one of my treats. 

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You might suggest that he read "The Longevity Paradox" by Dr, Steven Gundry. I think it's an excellent book about how to live a long, healthy life. 

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I'm with you LOC on the liking Burger King better thing. But McFries right out the oil are mighty tastey. 
I treat myself to fast food a couple of times a month. Usually Burger King, but the other day it was McDonalds during a peak hour for a million calorie salty greasy fried double burger fresh off the griddle with cheese,  some scalding hot french fries, and a diet sprite. 

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