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What's You Paying For Insurance?


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Besides age, driving record, year and make of car, the most important thing is the area of the country you live. This will determine what your insurance premium will be.

Also, the top ten stolen auto's in the USA are:

1. Honda Accord

2. Toyota Camry

3. Chevy FS Pick-Up

4. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

5. Honda Civic

6. Oldsmobile Cutlass

7. Ford FS Pick-Up

8. Ford Mustang

9. Dodge Caravan

10. Toyota Corolla

Lexus is not mentioned at all!!! :chairshot:

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21, college student with 50/100/50 full coverage, defensive driving, steer clear, good student and clear record and i pay 1140 a year. It just dropped form 155/month to 95/month when i turned 21 a few weeks ago.

Oh, and I'm in Delaware (probably the only one on this board).

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they will with state farm if you got your license at 16. the clock starts when you get your license. 9+ years driving is a different rate category.

when i got married i had just been driving for 9 years and got the marriage reduction plus the 9 year thing all at once.

my rate went down by half in one month :lol:

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I live far enough outside of Boston to make a diffence in my insurance.

Clean history, bank financed, full comp/coll coverage (100/300/100), and Lo-Jack discount: grand total = $1043/year.

should I have the car registered where I used to live in Boston, it would be over $3000/year. Location means everything.


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im paying somewhere around 75 a month im prettty sure. im 16 full coverage,good student discount and live in clevland. but i think alot of that is b\c im really insured under my grandmas minivan thats liek a 93,but my insurance covers any car i step into so yea:)

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I'm in Houston so it is one of the highest rates in the country. I had a terrible driving record and was paying 370 a month at Progressive but finally gave in to the Geico commercial and gave them a call. They cut it down to 150 a month for the same coverage. I was impressed....

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