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  1. Go to toyotechs off of Clairmont. They did my timing belt anWP for $400
  2. I have been using 3 shop in Atlanta 1. ToyoTech in Chamblee, GA 2. Dekalb Tire in Sandy Springs 2. Sandy Springs toyota I have not had any trouble out of any these and have been honest enough for me. I guess what has sold me is that the techs have not come out to upsell me on service that I don't need. they alway do what I tell them and its done. If you have any questions I am having the same problem and getting the gaskets replaced for around $180. Could do it myself but don't have the time.
  3. My independent Toyota/ Lexus Mechanic quoted me $180 on 1996 ES300. Did the same job on my "95 camery two door V6 and it lasted another 100k. Only draw back is that they are now 200 miles away from me. When I bought the car I had it check over in the atlanta be a toyota and independent ant they quoted me about $400 for the valve cover. THey also told me that the distributor O ring and oil level sensor seal were done. Had the engine cleaned really well and check for oil leaks and the after 3000 miles the only thing still leaking was the Valve cover gasket. SO next time I make it home to Alabama I'll pay the $180 to get it replaced. One thing to remember, at least here in GA, most shop managers are on commision and they like to get you do as much as possible and spell out the doom and gloom that your car is going to die in a matter of weeks.
  4. Like most quick add on product that claim to increase horsepower and performance...snake-oil :D
  5. I pay $619 with State Farm for full coverage and I am single with a clean driving record. The Insurance for this car is higher than my previous Volvo. According to the insurance co. it's because the ES 300 is a highly stolen auto.
  6. Steviej...your are right. Me, I got more tickets with my passport 8500 and end up selling it on ebay to payfor a ticket. Nice thing in Atlanta if you and six other cars are speeding they leave you alone, but if they catch you alone, "Buford T Justice" will have a word with you. Best radar setector though is the donkey behind you that wants to go faster than you. let him have some distance and watch his brake lights. Some other advice that came to a cop was when you see them don't panic and hit the brakes, if they have to turn around on the interstate and you maintain your speed they will normally go after someone else because its easier. Finally, If you get pulled over and you know that you were speeding tell the cop how fast you were going and be honest. so far the last 4 time I have come back with a warning just because I was honest and mase that stop easier...or was that my girlfriend has DD !Removed! and he could not stop staring?
  7. From these responses I have purchased a roll of Dynamate to make sure no rattles on the rear deck around the 6x9s. I am leaving the stock system..due to the donkeys here in Atlanta steal anything that does not look factory. Nice thing is the punch amp that I have allows me to control the sub up front. With information that you guys provided I have now mapped out this install. Biggest hurdle is removing the back seat and mounting the board for the free air twelve. It knock well in the volvo lets hope it does the same in the lexus. Next in istall: REMOTE START :)
  8. This bis monster is going behind the seat. Biggest worry is what have people found that rattles so I can take of this all at once. the worst is doing things over and over again
  9. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has done a free-air sub woofer installation on a ES 300. Looking for tips or issues I might run into before I start the install. I had this set up on my volvo and could be heard three blocks away :) They only problem was that I had to sound insulate the trunk, so just wondering how tight the ES will be. Pioneer 12 Free sub Punch 150.1 mono sub amp.
  10. Thanks for the information. I am taking this care to the indi guy that said the car had a belt. They have a good rep in Atlanta fromt he people I have talked too. Again thanks from the help and I will have a pic up soon when I do a couple of cosmetic mods
  11. I just purchases a 1996 Lexus ES300. THe person I bought is from, one of those rare nice old men that takes care of a car, told me the car did not have a timing belt. Since I have owned many V6 toyota's, I have never heard of this, mine have Have always had a timing belt. Here is where the conflicting information comes in: Two Indi shops: One says timing belt, the other says timing chain!?!? Lexus Dealer Atlanta - Says timing belt BIrmingham - Says no timing belt Owners Maint Schedule: Only refers to timing belt changes for SC/LS 400 Can any one please shed some light? car has 121k ***TICKING TIMEBOMB***??? Used to have a Volvo, when a T-Belt goes on those...things start flying through the engine
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