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  1. Best car ever!!! 99 ls 400

  2. First lexus 2000 rx300 had engine check light on, been driving for three weeks I'm impressed with the quality runs smooth very quiet so far no problems. Had it read at the zone and learned about the knock sensors number two is down. Will try the hack trip if it starts acting up but will start to order what I need to do it right. I'm glad and feel fortunate to learn from the members of this club. I feel that certain cars if you can't afford to pay a mechanic you better be one yourself otherwise you will be selling a basket case real cheap. Rich people step up we harvest and enjoy what they leave behind. I have never had a Car that I did not enjoy learning about what made it tick. Yes necessity is a the mother of invention. I'm sure I'll learn more hack trips in the future from expert member's in this club.

  3. yes you can do it but it is more expensive for a conversion verses replacment , i did it and it is close to $400 instead of $100
  4. Hey, I was looking on your posts and I saw that you have an es300,I was wondering what kind of front lip do you have on it? I been trying to find lips for the es300 but no luck.

  5. it has to do with the idle up air bypass and the power steering for low idle , it is not a big problem but is not simple to fix , no diy
  6. read the FAQ it is very common but can't use a solid pipe
  7. also make sure the lights are on otherwise it will not turn to night mode
  8. Just an update 8 months or so later. I love driving my GS 430 over my LS 400 when it comes to control . In the winter with snow it can be a bit touchy and will allow the wheels to slip when you hit the gas hard. Somehow it has allowed the traction control to roll back atleast 15-30% . So if i give it gas and make a left hand turn it will let the rear kick out a touch which it never did when used in stage 1 , never tried it on stage 2 but with it off , it will make the triple beep before you need to make a steering wheel correction . Gas milage is just as before after you stop wanting to fe
  9. Drove one last week and liked the styling accents and interior but the performance and the quick rewrapping of Subaru interior panels is weak. For me i want to go when i need to and this car made me wonder "what's the point? " . Way too slow to merge into fat moving traffic as the corolla felt much more responsive . Nice idea but unless you live in a downtown core or a large city with occasional road trips it just is not a car i would look at . I know i was biased going into the test drive but thought i would give it a chance . Wish it had done better but it is still a mish mash of Subaru
  10. cleaning the iacv only helps if it is still working , if it has been glued stuck long enough it is dead
  11. you need to rekey the cylinder . It sounds like the door keys and lock cylinders where changed but the ignition left , probably after loosing them somewhere. You can replace the pins in the tumbler for the ignition and use the key for the doors to start it . Find a locksmith who can do the service repinning , get the key programmed if needed at the dealer or locksmith for the transponder to start the car .
  12. size is not the issue cheap tires are the noise problem.
  13. JP tails go for for 1000-1200 new and 700-800 used , Cheap is not even a relative word with JP. Find a different style and brand for cheap .
  14. the stock amp couldn't push an aftermarket 5inch full range cone. The amp is made for efficiency not power . Get an after market amp and sub if you want more . Otherwise a new sub will give you less with the oem amp .
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