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  1. I once had a beemer but girls did nothing but kick me in the femur so i did myself a favor and got a lexus Straight from the factory in texas now i use it to find out if the girl is quite or a screamer
  2. Im sorry but ive never even hear of the tach senser......... But yea the power feels fine,when i push the gas tires smoke,lol ok well no but the power is still there. coil pack,hmm dont know whatr that is. Injectors,yes i thought about it begin them for the same reason as fuel filter.... Also i have alot of noises from my front tires suspention or something. sounds liek somethings always hitting and rubbing but i look and there enough clearance. But im just guessing my struts are going...Thats not really important right now. I just thought i woudl mention that,
  3. Im almost positive its not the sensors. Only because i ahvent had any durastic cahgnes in mpg and no my light stays on when it comes on. im starting to think it might be the fuel filter.MY firned just had to replace his on a similar mileage car for the same error(too lean). And it sounds right for me because i run my car till the last 2 or 3 gallons almost everyitime and thats the "dirty" part of the tank so i can believee the filter got trashed on my car.
  4. dam* light came on again today :chairshot: does it tank more then a tank for seafoam to clean stuff out? but yea im gonan check all the stuff u guys said as soon as i get some time...its not liek detremental that i drive with this probelm though ,right? I mena i can see being to lean a problem if your taking like long ttrips but i usually dont take long drives. usualyly jsut drive locally. Farthest place i drove since its been on was airport 40 minutes away .
  5. OK toysrme ill check those out but its been a day and no light so far,keeping my fingers crossed. but yea i put it in half a tank it doesnt really matter. it says used for 8 to 20 gallons or something liek that,and half a tank is 9 gallons, so its all good.
  6. Ok went to autozone i think the code was 171. The machine just said TOO LEAN. He asked when i last had a tuneup ,and the answer is never obviously:) so he said that should fix it. I just went and bought some seafoam,put that into my tank(had a half a tank left) and reset my computer. So we will see if the light come up again. Hopefully not. But i think im still gonna go and get my spark plugs changed atleast(for the first time:))
  7. so autozone you say will do it for free? hmm migh thave to check that out.
  8. Ok well i just got a remote start installed like 3 weeks ago and about weeks ago my check engine light came on. I took out the battery and put it back on. Everything was fine and about 2 days later it went on again. I did this liek 3 more time..... I did a search and found that i can also take out the efi fuse...where is that.... and woudl it be any different ? How woudl i get my codes sin i have an obd2 system,and not the older system????
  9. hmm ok i tihnk ill prabably go with the act's then. But yea i dont want to use a wheel cleaner they damage the rim! And my sonus detailer works well but still takes a bit of time to clean the wheel
  10. my uncle said that the onlyway to have a low dust brake is by making it hard,and hard brakes kill your rotors. so i dont want to have to shell out 250 more bucks in liek 2 years. ill prabably stick with the close to stock Akebono ProACT Ceramic pads,how are those noise\dust wise??
  11. ok so im about to buy brembo rotors form ebay ,drilled and slotted, for 210 dollars. So im set with that. but im stuck on what brakes to buy . ive searched this whole forum but cant find my answer. my priority is low brake dust,im really tired of having my chrome rims filthy ion dust 1 hour after i just washed them! im also looking for a even balance of the rest of thing things....low noise,braking power and durability. can anyone give me any suggestions?
  12. i have a 1996 with 70K and myne gets 16.5 mpg to 19.5 depending on how much highway and how hard i drove it. Ive learned to deal with the painstaikengly horrible gas milage the es300 has. my friend always brags how he gets 35 mpg on his civic. damn hondas!
  13. got one installed easily on my car,no matter hwat anyone says im extremely happy with it.
  14. havent got the klasse item yet but just got the sonus one in. Its AMAZING nothing like any of the quick detailers that the stores sell,it seems better then the wax i use!!
  15. well i listened to you guys and i jsut orded a 16ozof klass all-in-one on ebay for 23 with shipping and ordered the 10 oz of that sonus from autopia for 16 with shiopping. i read good stuff about these things,so ill be using it for my wheels and i guess instead of my meguars wax, isnt it much better then the meguars wax.... And also so this should help get rid of the water spots and everytime i rewash my car i wont need to dry it?(for a month or so b4 reapplying wax)
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