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  1. I haven't had a chance to check this site out very thoroughly, but it appears to be a launch site, with live streams of the unveiling at the Chicago Auto Show. There are also a few preview/teaser videos. 2007 ES Launch
  2. Hmmm... how about you write a $40,000 check, give it to me, and I'll pass the pic along to Lexus. Really... it's a small price to pay. ;)
  3. The oval dash was killing me... so I fixed it:
  4. I have mixed feelings about this new ES. I like the design of the exterior... my main complaint with that is that the doors seem enormous. They need some sort of detail in the middle to break them up. Of course, this color doesn't do much to help that. I'm sure the official press photos that Lexus releases will show the ES in a darker color. On the interior, everything is quite nice, except for the vent area of the center stack. Every other Lexus model is going with sleek, straight interior designs. This ovoid dash is completely out of place in a Lexus. It would be better suited in a B
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if these pics are yanked by the end of the day... it's pretty rare for Toyota/Lexus pics to surface before the car is officially unveiled. As far as where I found them... I am a member of a car spy photography group that has been following the new ES for quite some time. There was a link to these photos posted on the board this morning.
  6. The 2007 ES is finally revealed... 2007 Lexus ES350
  7. Thanks for the comments, folks. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this is a closed case. The final decision came from the regional manager, not the dealership. I called Lexus HQ, and they told me it was ultimately the decision of the dealership and regional manager. I'm tired of stressing about it, so I'm not going to fight it. From a business perspective, I can understand them not fixing it... they're not contractually obligated to do so. However, being a Public Relations Director, I think it is very unwise on their part not to help me out. I'd actually been working with one of the sale
  8. The transmission is shot. Even with proper service records, Lexus claims that the problem was caused by negligence on my part. They want $3,795 to install a remanufactured transmission... in addition to the $270 they charged me to diagnose the problem. I'm having the car towed to a local tranmission company that specializes in Toyotas. They're going to rebuild the transmission themselves with Camry parts... for $2,300... afterwhich I'll probably sell the car. Ironically, even with the high reliability marks Lexus receives, this has been the worst car I've ever owned. I bought the car w
  9. Just got a call from the dealership... the cel code indicated a solenoid. They're going to run full diagnostics on the car to find out exactly what the problem is (approximately $300 labor). Any idea what it costs to fix the solenoid? Also, regarding the service records... I bought the car with 38K miles and haven't had the transmission serviced since. Is there a way for Lexus to pull the records of any service that was done at the dealership? I'm almost afraid to ask at this point, since they've already got the upper hand.
  10. Okay. So yesterday I had my car towed to the mechanic I've been using for years... just to get his opinion. He called this morning saying my car is driving just fine. He's going to let it sit for a few hours and then try again, just to see if he can get the transmission issue to come back. I swear... I must be going crazy. So now I'm even more frustrated than I was before. I'd much rather have him tell me the transmission is shot and spend $4K on a new one than drive around in a car that I personally know has transmission issues. Especially since the Lexus dealership seems willing to at
  11. My bad... the car actually has 70,094 miles on it. Just 94 miles out of warranty. I've contacted both Lexus headquarters and my local dealership. I've been told to have the car towed to the dealership tomorrow and to bring any documentation of transmission service. At 70,000 miles, I can't find any indication of transmission service in the service schedule, other than to inspect the fluid. When I checked the transmission fluid this afternoon, it was still quite red, so I'm assuming it's been inspected and ok'd. Anyway, I'm just rambling trying to avoid becoming too frustrated with the si
  12. My transmission just died at 71,258 miles... a mere 1,258 miles beyond the limits of the Lexus powertrain warranty. Has anyone ever experienced or heard of Lexus being lenient regarding the terms of the warranty? From a business standpoint, I can understand them strictly adhering to the 70,000 mile limit, but as I'm sitting here without a car, I'm hoping to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel before I decide where to have my car towed. If the dealership will be somewhat forgiving, I'll take it there. If not, I'll take it to my trusted mechanic so I can save some cash. Happy holida
  13. A friend of mine has managed to lose the keys to her 2001 IS300. She bought the car used, and it came with only one key. Now she's got no keys, period. Her car is sitting in a parking lot somewhere, and she's beside herself. So, I know I've heard a few people say that this is the worst case scenario, and she's probably completely out of luck. Is this true? Will she need to have the computer in her car replaced? She can buy a key using her VIN, but that will only allow her to unlock the doors. Is there a way to program this key without an original master? What are her options, and what
  14. Do a search for CBEST settings. There are quite a few customizable options on the ES, but I believe they are only available on 2002+ models.
  15. Since I'm not mechanically inclined at all, I'd prefer to have a few beers while watching my mechanic do it for me. :) Thanks for all the input. I think I'm going to go ahead and have it done.
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