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Got A New Hood


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@ LL - thanks B)

@ jzz30 - I didn't weigh it. Without the packaging, it feels like 15 to 20 pounds. I'll have to double check cost, it escapes me at the moment. I'll have the info in the garage after I install it.

@bean_8044 - carbon fiber everything man, and put it on your credit card. ;) Hang in there bro - we couldn't do this whole free world thing without you guys. Keep up the good work.

@ Exo - I have not seen any other styles in CF for our car. There is a BN Sports style with the Invader look. It is fiberglass, not sure of any options. Biggest hurdle for you would be shipping. These C-west parts come out of California from GTP International (Importfan). You might try to find out who they source from (C-wings parts come from China according to the person I spoke to over there.) You might be able to get a direct shipping from China to your door. Still gonna be expensive. I might suggest (if you want it bad enough) trying to locate a good lay-up fiberglass shop like a boat hull maker willing to do side work. See what they say about getting you a hood fabbed up. Let me know if you really want one though. I might be able to help you out.

I'm hoping the front end looks as good as this hood when it gets here. I was a little worried at first, but I feel GTP has done a great job of getting things taken care of. I would recommend them. I've dealt with John in customer service a couple of times, very accomodating.

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my bad it wasnt c-west :blushing: it was another company called VARIS

i think its chinese but well whats not these days

heres the website its

or just go straight through and go to carbon bonnet and scroll down to cooling bonnet and you will eventually get to the pic of the jzz evo hood

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I dont think there is any way to get around the shipping. I could pick them up and MPS them to someone in Cali, but MPS on a box that big would take at least a month or two if they even accept it. Ive only seen two Soarers that were fixed up on Okinawa and neither one had a visible carbon fiber.

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No need to get hostile. ;) I know it was about $1600 total for everything I bought. I did buy it about 3 months ago so that is why I forgot. I have the breakdown somewhere. I paid the retail price on the GTP website and 160$ for shipping. They cut me a deal on that or whatever deal that could be. Either way, they were pretty cool. The c-west front end is being made as we speak. Should be 1 of 2 in the US at this point. When it gets here. You're in Cali, you should swing by GTP and ask them if they can cut you any deals. Or save up and you can have it too.

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Here is an update for those of you that may still be curious. I have one word of advice to you. Do not, I repeat, do not waste your money on this piece of *BLEEP*.

GTP/Importfan is dishonest, lackluster, and they do not stand behind their work.

These people lied to me about another part I ordered. Who knows if they even know what is going on in their own shop. The hood? Oh yea. While I was immediately impressed back in January, it may have just been my optimism. Upon closer look, many pinholes, sinks, and cracks in the under frame. So I eat 300$ and shipping. I did a little research and found several sites speciallizing in Carbon Fiber parts. Basically, they say, any CF hood for 349$ is a piece of *BLEEP*. Run, don't walk, away from this part. Another site says, we don't stand behind our work, we stand on it. If I stood on this piece of *BLEEP*, it would break into tiny pieces.

Ok, beyond that. To the slight eye, the hood will pass. It only becomes an issue to those who know what they are looking at. Perhaps in the future, if I even decide to keep it, I can body fill the pinholes either with two part clear epoxy or otherwise. Then prime and paint it black. That would cover the surface defects. Problem solved right? No. The washer nozzle holes (I wish it would have come without them) are too small. So I spent two days of free time researching how to drill carbon fiber. It turns out that it is not so special, but if you botch it, the part is fuxored. So, I'm checking out those holes today after work (yea I worked on Sarturday, and sunday and - nevermind) and I notice something. Hey, those hinge mount holes aren't big enough for a 12mm bolt either. Well, I'll be a son of a...

My drill is on low juice. My oem hood has already been removed and stripped (mistake). So, I'm going to wait until tomorrow after work to start drilling. I did drill one mount hole out to 12mm about 5mm depth and it worked. I'm going to go through with mounting this. I will see what it looks like and practice with it at a few low key shows. But overall, this hood is utter *BLEEP*e. Save yourself the money and the hassle. Even if you do get a c-wings cf hood, don't do it through GTP. If I did my job the way they do theirs, I'd be starving.

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