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  1. Hi all, I'm just helping a friend sort out changing his dashboard lights to LED replacements, before it gets taken apart I'd like to be able to swap them over in the one hit. From searching on the forums I've determined that the replacements are T5 and T10 (194) bulbs but what i'm not sure on are how many of each are required to change the dash over completely. Does anyone have a count on how many I'd require to change them all over for a '93 ES?
  2. it would appear that would be a negative.
  3. hey guys, I'm a SC250 (as you guys know it) owner but a friend has a 93 ES300 which has already it's gearbox and pressure plate is suffering. Initially I thought it was missing 2nd gear so I tried to drive it up to see if it'd pop into 3rd but I could smell the bitterness of the plate burning.. so now the car is off the road pending gearbox removal to determine the extent of the damage (he's a student) Anyways, in the soarer the aircon unit has a diagnostic ability built into it which requires a series of buttons to be pressed activating it, just wondering, does the ES have somethi
  4. I don't suppose anyone has the service manual scanned at all? In australia we don't have these benefits =(
  5. the average power increase is around 40-50hp improvement. This figure obviously varies but roughly around that range, the most I"ve seen is 60hp increase.
  6. actually I believe the work around for it is to place a resister on the mains power to the taillights then just adapting it to suit, don't quote me on this, I read it somewhere on how to fit 95+ tailights on pre'95 models.
  7. I hope that motor isn't running atm, look at the gaps in the pipework !! you'd be shooting flames out your engine bay.
  8. Ooops sorry, let me elaborate, OZ=australia Well there's two ways you can go about it, buy those available on or if your lucky and have '94 taillights just remove the colored reflectors from the inside then buy some LED type socket lights, grind the heads to disperse the light better reassemble and voila! clear lights with colored brake/indicators.
  9. Go there for all the lights available in OZ, I'm sure there are more but as you can see, it serves all the ricers but not the real racers (toyota=)
  10. good luck, I asked local "manufacturer" of these tailights which had no business name and was told "there is not enough demand for them to warrant manufacturing" I was like wtf ? you make them for those rice hondas, holdens, fords and everything else but no loyalty is done to toyota ? I was *BLEEP*ed when I heard this, they should pay respect first to the company that invented them !
  11. eXo

    Ebay Sham/scam ? hopefully i"ve placed this in the right spot
  12. comfort.. hrmm with 50series 16' rims you get alot of cushion due to the thickness of the tyre. I had 18' rims on mine but comfort degraded and I felt the bumps alot more then compared to 17' rims which I have now. As stated above its the trade off of comfort as you go up in sizes. Additionally i chose 17' as it's become the industry standard size for tyres hence making them cheap to purchase next tyre change. I'd say to get optimum effect stick to 17/235/45 or 40 series to get abit of a firm steering/feel. You *can* go wider but you'll suffer abit in the rain due to the large width of the
  13. just to maybe clear up some things, Jasma isn't exactly an exhaust company, they are more like a compliancer for Toyota (and other manufacturers) making purely emmision compliant exhausts and approving any premade at the factory by throwing their badges onto it.
  14. BlackSC4 - that is true. you will lose power in a N/A car if you make it too wide as it will reduce back pressure greatly not allowing for some torque to effectly run down to your wheels. On a turbo car the wider the better for flow but a N/A it's best to have some backpressure. I'd say work your way out bigger from the outlet or get some extractors then install any exhaust you want. But the pics of the zorst look sweet =)
  15. I found a few spare ports on it so may run my guages through them for a little safety net. =)
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