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  1. I suppose I'll check with Carson Toyota and Elmhurst Toyota. They have been reliable in the past. If only time could slow down enough for me to make a phone call and order some freakin parts... Got something special lined up... might have to get more active. How's things been round here?
  2. It could be done. The answers to all your questions are yes. Of course there will be fabbing and wiring issues. Any swap will require these things. But the 7m is inferior to the 1jz or 2jz. The 7m has potential but no where near as well developed an engine. You can bolt a 2jz in directly with oem motor mounts. Still need to to some work though. Since you have the roller cheap, it may be a good idea to do a turbo converted NA motor swap/auto tranny. It seems you are on a budget and that will probably be the cheapest route depending on how fancy you want to get.
  3. Hello all, long time no speak... Coming to be due time to do the water pump. See image for source and prices. Any advice on cooler operating T-stat? Found a 180 degree at car-stuff.com. Not sure I got all the orings gaskets necessary. Will hit the shop manual here in a minute. Will probably do the timing belt tensioner and t-belt if it looks worn. She's got 76k miles on her still... 1995 SC3. Anyone found any better prices? Sources?
  4. An led for duty cycle. I see. Never was exposed to that sort of thing. Cool stuff. Ok, so the output for injector pulse is staying on. Swap the ecu. Let us know how it turns out. I guess if the engine could stay running with the injectors always open it would smoke like mad. Kind of interesting it even stays running though. No you should not need to change the injectors when you change the ecu as long as the ecu is the same model number/model year. Avoid a 97+ ecu. The rest should work. But consult the parts supplier to be sure. I thought the vvti Sc3's had 6 coils. They are 3 coil wasted spark? News to me...
  5. What is a pulse light? Check the continuity on the injector. See if you can find a donor ecu to test with. Never got to experience such a thing before. But if 3 injectors are on/stuck open - why would that make smoke out the back constantly? It should kill/flood the engine. Smoke out the back is oil or coolant or both...
  6. I have no knowledge of this subject at hand. But perhaps one point should be clarified as requested. Apparently, there is a labeling and coding company with the name of CoastalTek. This is not to be confused with CostalTech. Best of luck to all of you with the resolution of any issues. But it should be known that CoastalTek and CostalTech are two different companies and as far as I can tell offer two different services. Just a requested clarification. Good luck.
  7. I have a TRD black wheel for a supra TT sitting here. Never did get around to swapping it though. Read enough about the job. What did you want to know my man?
  8. No problem. We can trim it up. As far as your question about 2 first pages, I'm not quite following. Maybe try the website feedback/suggestions forum. Someone may have some input on that for you. Welcome to the club.
  9. Makes me reconsider selling my baby... at 75k on the ticker, it's a hard choice... I can't believe you found one with 16.5k on the ticker. That is amazing!!! Please post pics.
  10. I had a problem back in the day with my old 93. The ciggy lighter was shorting and had a bad ground. Blew fuses until I got in there and repaired the wiring.
  11. is it flanged? can you attach a picture? never seen inside the engine bay of a 430. or at least close enough to get a glimpse of the 02s
  12. Don't know man. Been a long time since I was here too. Welcome from member number 16 or something like that... woop woop wooop
  13. I was surprised personally. Solid build, quality materials and fast enough out of the box to put your tummy in your trousers. Good car for the money. If I could afford the insurance, I'd consider it. Solid whip. Thought it was a stretched cavalier till I rode in and drove one. Black on black six speed, six liter with a lot of grunt. One hell of a beast at night.
  14. you are beyond help. you will have to learn on your own.
  15. The SC has camber adjustment in OEM form. 2" drop or less is no problem to adjust toe. Below that, well, you get what you get. I'm not even sure if there are camber kits for these cars. I'm not familiar with crash bolts but I'm picturing an awful hard ride.
  16. There is no crank sensor on a 1993 2jz ge. Computers can go bad. It's not unheard of. Your distributor button is good? Plug wires are good? You say you've changed a lot of things. Are they installed correctly? Wires on correct cap terminals, distributor aligned properly (this is the equivalent of crank sensor), etc. I have a feeling if you change the computer it still won't start, but hey, it just might. It is extremely difficult to troubleshoot a vehicle over the internet. Good luck.
  17. You want adjustable coil overs for less than 500$? Why not just save up? A set of used kyb agx/eibach can be found to lower the car with quality components at used prices. Before installation. Obviously a honda is going to weigh a lot less than an SC. How on earth would they handle the loads? Really? That is asking for trouble.
  18. Even professional drivers crash. To drive on a track is expensive? What is human life worth? How much do infractions for reckless driving cost? Sorry, I don't follow your logic. I would say using public roads is not free either. But I'm not here to argue. You will do what you do and someday maybe see the light. Or else these are just message board exaggerations. Regardless, young drivers need to understand this behavior is not acceptable. I have never heard of firewall flex like that on this car. I run a rps carbon clutch that takes significant effort to actuate and it's just fine. I also do not have a problem with rear end shimmy. On a suspension with 75,000 miles and 10 years. I do not have any advice other than to trouble shoot the obvious things. If my car were doing this I would sell it. Never heard of a firewall brace on the market for mkiv or SC/soarer. Good luck and stay safe.
  19. The rear tires are getting eaten up? On the outside or on the inside? What is the offset and width? They must be rubbing either the shock assy or fender. A 9.5+ wide tire should run a 35 series in back. Sadistic - when did you go 1jz? What are the specs. Shoot me a IM sometime. I'm considering selling my carbon fiber stuff if you know anyone interested.
  20. Hmm. You are just dangerous. If you are sliding the car at 80mph on public roads, it's just a matter of time. You are describing wheel bearing issues. You should look at getting a factory service manual set if you are going to do your own work. Take your drifting to the track.
  21. There is an article somewhere in a motor trend or road and track from last year: always replace 4 at a time. if you are only doing two, always put them on the rear. New tires go on the back. Your car will be dead if not. It's better to run 5 pounds over than 2 pounds under. This is from a safety standpoint. This is what the professionals recommend.
  22. search: reference: fuel pump ecu
  23. oh yea, that might be a counterclockwise pull, don't recall right now.
  24. Umm, Jim? How'd you get it off? The serpentine belt that is? Do you have a service manual? Put a wench on the tensioner and pull clockwise hard. Run the belt around the proper accessories. release the tensioner back. make sure the arrow on the tensioner is between the two marks on the block. Good luck?
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