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  1. could be the idle air controller. try cleaning first.
  2. i second the coil. its a very common problem. except you have a coil for each bank of 4 cylinders not 2 lol the exact same problem has happened to me. i changed plugs, wires, cap and rotor, and finally changed coils and it fixed the problem
  3. you should probably have that looked at. its probably leaking somewhere which can be very dangerous
  4. you need to either use a universal joint or get a universal joint socket. i prefer the universal joint socked.
  5. if it clicks it seems like the battery is bad. and being 3 years old i would just change it. its the cheaper of the 2 to change anyway
  6. sounds like the typical steering rack bushing problem i think daizen or someone makes a replacement. the dealer does not. its easy to change.
  7. is your ac still cold? if its just stuck on low fan speed its the fan speed controller. its a little circuit board that the temperature control knob is on. you have to replace that. the fan speed is controlled by the climate control.
  8. sounds like a bad coil? or maybe a temp sensor
  9. well if you are doing all the work yourself, it all depends on whats busted but its seems like your head gasket is blown right? so replacing the engine isnt something that is needed. but if you decide to do head work at the machine shop then it might get pricey. so just take both the heads and get a pressure test and resurface.
  10. not that i noticed. i had both well actually because the 300 had smaller tires and such it was i little worse than the 400
  11. more than likely its your o2 sensor. not the maf.
  12. honestly there is not much you can do to get the car not to sound like a chevy v8. reason 1 is because it is a v8. reason 2 is it has the same firing order as a chevy v8. of course bore and stroke have alot to do with it but why does an f355 sound the way it does? firing order plays a big part. the 1uz and chevy small blocks both have a 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 firing order. the f355 fires 1-5-3-7-4-8-2-6.
  13. ummm... these cars use sealed bearings and the hubs are pressed on. you need to remove the entire hub assembly from the car and use a press to push out the inner hub from the bearing and push the bearing from the hub carrier. so basicly take the hub to a machine shop or somewhere that does press work and have them press the new bearing in
  14. there are several saftey features that shut down the ac system if certain things are not working properly. usually a pressure too low or two high can do this. you should go have the system checked out.
  15. your steering rack bushings are worn. google steering rack bushings for sc and it will come up. its like 50 bucks or so.
  16. go and drive it but im sure you wont like the lack of power that the 300 will offer you
  17. look at your 100 or was it 120 amp alternator fuse. chances are that that fryied when it the fan blew or when you fixed it. the car will run with the fuse blown and if the engine is already running but it wont start after that.
  18. well i guess it would be hard to tell if the shocks are dead and making noise but the top mounts are rubber insulated peices and they get hard with time so when you hit bumps they will transmit more noise as they get older. if you are having someone change them for you just buy the hats. if you are doing the work yourself then slap it together see if it makes noise then go from there.
  19. if anything get a 400 its faster with more power and has the 5speed auto. but i do believe the 300 with the vvti is a bit quicker than the older ones.
  20. a 1jz is a 1jz the piping might be a little different. and the wiring is different.
  21. its on a piece of paper that comes with the locks. the best thing to do is go to the dealer because they have a master key set then just buy a new set of locks.
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