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  1. Call Hayden at Autonet in FL, he can get you whatever you need and he's good ppl.
  2. The design of the spoke matters as much as the offset of the wheel, and whether it is a high disc fitment or not. It's possible to grind away a bit from the caliper if you need another millimeter or so, but I myself wouldn't do that....the most cost effective way to do it is to find a set of used TT wheels. Yes the LS400 calipers are very similar to the TT's and can be used as an upgrade. IMO all of the coupes should have come with these brakes, or at least the SC400 brakes, which are very adequate for a non-turbo application. Don't forget you'll also need the TT 17x4" spare, as your current spare will be useless on the front....try to find a used one, it's $275 new.
  3. Throttle valve cable...I suggest you have it done professionally, though the procedure is very easy you can hurt the trans if you're not careful.
  4. I love it when a plan comes together...
  5. This is a common question. If you plan to leave it stock, get the 400. If you plan to mod for hp...get the 300. You should also know that in '98 the sc300 got some more torque and the sc400 got thirty more hp, you may want to consider this before looking at a '97. Good luck with your search.
  6. Mr. Curious...as I said you'd sleeve the block.
  7. You can flush out your trans filter or replace it, your dealer can order it for you but probably won't have it in stock.
  8. Lexus will not charge you to run a service inquiry on the car, have them print it out for you. Looks like the interior will definitely need some work to be presentable. Best advice I can give you....at 17 yrs old you may want to strongly consider picking up something with more reasonable mlg and save a little longer for a nicer condition coupe. If it were me i'd buy it...but only to turn into a track car.... :) Good luck on your decision.
  9. I would certainly do a leakdown test, check the bushings and all the other usual SC items...if you do a search you'll find a list of things to check.
  10. Now that's what I like to hear! You can sleeve the block and use a Tundra crank to get to 4.9 litres, the blower from Peter's site hasn't been run on a U.S. car yet and does not have the engine management issues sorted for you, Jim McFarland has twin turbo'd the 1UZ but produced dismal power and the kit is overpriced. Sound Performance will be turbocharging an SC400 soon and I can assure you the results will be impressive. SC40096....anytime you're ready man :P
  11. I see you're in Wantagh, what shop is performing the swap?
  12. I've been told Toyota Europe offers them, haven't confirmed that though.
  13. If it's not the pump ecu (which it probably is, AWJ is familiar with it, I just ran straight 12v :) )...then check the connection on both coils. We'll proceed from there.
  14. There is no throttle valve cable to adjust on the '00 as i'm sure that's what you're referring to on the Chevy. It's controlled electronically and uses drive by wire.
  15. JP...shoot me an e-mail if you need anything, i'll get back to you.
  16. 2nd walbro went in, aeroquip -8 supply line, and a crapload of fittings, plus a cool bulkhead setup for the pumps. The results? 585 rwhp @ 24 psi. This is with an automatic, tuned conservative, through an airflow meter, and that teeny vvt-i throttle body, with the stock cams. Lar says we would have eclipsed 600 rwhp...but the transport driver was getting real cranky waiting. Anyway it's on the way back to me, project complete. About a year, three engines, two engine management systems, and two fuel systems....but it's done. Big up to Lar/Gary/Ivan/Max/Bill, my goals were met and exceeded. - Jon
  17. psckrat, closed your duplicate thread. Have an AVR run on the car to evaluate the charging system.
  18. We've changed the plan...second Walbro is going in this weekend, car will be back on the dyno Monday, we'll see if we can make a bit more power. bean...if you're not running vvt-i then I would not recommend using my settings. jzz30, vvt-i improves VE, which gives you benefits in turbo spool..goes together like tuna fish and lamb. You prefer spaghetti and meatball?
  19. Just hit 509 rwhp @ 21 psi. This is w/ conservative tuning, through an automatic, with the stock exhaust. It ran out of pump though, so Lar stopped there. In the interest of time we'll be wrapping it up...i'll be adding a second Walbro later and will Dyno again. I cannot say enough about Sound Performance. Their skill and professionalism are top notch. I've built up alot of cars and dealt with alot of shops...SP did me right and met all my expectations. Larry, Gary, Ivan, and Max....thanks a million. Any questions about SP or this project in general...feel free to contact me. - Jon
  20. I'm sure you'll find the SC forums as helpful as the ES forums, welcome.
  21. Dyno'd 485 rwhp today, more to come tomorrow...
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