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  1. You do know a kit like that, especially from Vertex would cost in the neighborhood of 7,000? Then to fit it would cost 1-2,000...I dont think its worth it. You dishing out the 10grand for this?
  2. Phillips, but definitely dont get 8000k's. you'll be doing yourself a favor from 4100k - 5500k. good luck. If you need any other help, you could pm me.
  3. Clicking noises when you attempt to start the engine right? It could be the starter, try a mechanic for professional advice first.
  4. One of the best prices I've seen...
  5. Just go out to maybe pepboys or local rice shop and grab some 1156 white lights. Simple.
  6. Well, Im guess you're not really into Supras or Sc's if you want to mix n match body parts. You dont need an open mind for this, Most of us guys already know it would be nasty and nobody would do it...its pretty much common sense. B)
  7. their ECU gives exactly what you're looking for. expensive? yes, but as many, many Lexus owners say..."you gotta pay to play" good luck.
  8. Is it possible that you had free'er flowing exhaust piping? maybe 3 inch piping? anything over 2.5inches for our 3.0 straight six's would be too big and we WILL lose low end torque. I've known people who went with 2.5inch piping on SC's and love their mod very much. B)
  9. since you're both in California. Contact my friend Ken @ he'll take good care of you....seriously. this guy is insane, he hooks up EVERYONE!
  10. first of all, get the lexuspros ECU upgrade, thats a 30hp GAIN right there!! after that, go ahead and get some cheap mufflers and bring it to a muffler shop for some custom piping. Now that you've got the exahust and ecu covered, go for the intake, BFI is the way to go; the link has got to be around here somewhere. You should be expecting 50hp with what I just advised you to do...GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND AND KEEP THOSE MODS COMIN!
  11. just wire it so it stays on and change to a white 1156 bulbs. tada! instant foglight!
  12. i didnt have to deal with my own insurance, my car was crashed into but the other party is at fault...
  13. might want to call your insurance company and ask them if they will cover it first. And if they wont, you might want to try saying that you'll call your lawyer, they should give in.
  14. whats up guys, yea they look awesome, my first sidemarkers cleared were a 6/10 success/satisfactory and I already have someone interested in buying them. My second, third, fourth sets etc...etc... would look even better now that I know what I need and know what to do. I have a picture but it is not from my car, so I'll see if I could post it up. Since I only have 1 set of original sidemarkers right now, I'll need some of you to ship me your orangef markers and I will turn those around to you. Kind of a pain in the butt if you ask me... If you want to take this DIY upon yourself, just say so and I'll give you both pieces for 15 bucks shipped. if any of you are on aim, catch me on xoticsc and I could show you picture there in private, we could also talk about the sidemarkers.
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