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  1. Quit following me. :chairshot: :P This was over a year ago, so I don't remember who was selling it. I'll catch ya on AIM. ~Alan
  2. Meh...this is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends...
  3. Yes. =) When you lock/unlock, the alarm sends a +12V pulse to the mechanism in the door. You tap that and connect it to a relay. (Read up on the use of relays first) You can then use the relay to power anything you want. (ie. a small horn or your foglights) Good luck. ~Alan
  4. Enjoy. ~Alan
  5. I don't get it? How did this happen? Did you run over the deer or did the deer run over you? :P
  6. If you're running stock differential and W58 on proper tire size, then I'm afraid I'm gonna have to call your bluff. Our cars tach out at 146-147 with stock driveline no matter how much power you add to the engine. If you're running upgraded diff or tranny, then right on! If you're running a wheel/tire combo that is too small in circumferance, your speedo is off by about 5% NOTE: You can possibly squeeze 1 or 2 more MPH if you depress your clutch right before fuel cut, but I highly reccomend against this. Handling can be adversely affected when you suddenly lose power to the rear wheels a
  7. Bump. :D I haven't posted here in a little while but I think all you guys who can make it out to this event, definitely should. We've got 150 cars registered and many more on the waiting list. And that's just the participants. Hope to see ya there!
  8. Can? Yes. Should? Probably not. If you've had no audio install experience at all, it can be quite tricky. At the least, have a friend who's done some audio help you out. Best of luck.
  9. It is highly recommended that you replace the timing belt and water pump every 60,000 miles or so. Waiting until it breaks is not a good idea for the following reason: Say you're on the freeway when the water pump goes out. You're not aware of this and you're just driving along. When the water pump is not circulating coolant through the engine, it only takes a few minutes for the engine to overheat. Now if you notice the temp gauge go up and pull over, well you'll just have to be towed and the job done. Worst case scenario: You don't notice the temp gauge go up OR it malfunctions and you
  10. Depending on your mechanical skills it can take a bit less time or a lot more time. It is recommended that the water pump be changed with the timing belt but if inspected and it looks fine, it can be reused. Not sure about the idlers. If fuel filter hasn't been changed in a while, that's something to look into as well.
  11. I don't think it was a me it looked more like _|--|_ with the two dashes at the top. It basically goes over the gas tank. I wonder if it requires the removal of the subwoofer.
  12. Not sure about knobs but I found that you can move adjust how high the boot goes so you can make it come up to the knob you have now. Actually....I am not 100% sure I have the stock boot, but the plastic part says lexus so...yeah. There are 4 clips holding down the plastic around the boot. Once you get it off, keep lifting until the boot is inside out and held by your knob. You'll see that there's a rubber circle on the shaft. If you move this circle up, that's the lowest point the upper part of the boot will go. See if you can play with that. I'll take a pic of my shifter. (maybe later
  13. I might be speaking out of my here but af far as I remember, the idler pulley has a Spring? on it so it provides tension naturally. All you need is a big torgue wrench or breaker bar on that bolt in the middle to counteract the spring and release the tension.
  14. Sounds odd. If everything works with the key, you need to go get the keyless entry mechanism checked out.
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