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  1. You could make them fit with some kind of bracket, but its going to be easier and probably safer to go with the Supra TT 2-pots.
  2. Well, you still have to add in custom headers, the intercooler, piping for the intercooler, upgraded fuel system and some kind of ECU to deal with the boost. You could make a budget kit and it would help if you knew how to weld, but it wont be better in the long run. Best bet is to take it to a shop unless you feel comfortable with welding and taking your engine apart
  3. How in the hell did i miss that post..... Let me ask this, does anyone besides me actually live in Japan? I know theres at least two others, so please speak up. First of all, there is no horsepower regulation. PERIOD. Nothing that says a Japanese car manufacturer has to limit their horsepower. There's the mystical gentleman's agreement, and thats it. Secondly, the valves are exactly the same size on both heads. You can almost use the 2jz cams in the 1jz except you have to mill down the front journal .1 or something. All of the GTE heads have ports that are angled for the TT manifolds and the heads flow almost the exact same. My 1jz revs pretty damn fast, but there are some 2JZ Supras around the sound like motorcycles.
  4. It would work, but i dont think its the best for your application. If you check the ClubLexus forums theres alot of info about turbocharging the SC400. I think most people are reporting around 5-6k for total cost
  5. Or just put a needle in the nozzle. Not very far in, at most 1/8 inch. With the needle in, you should be able to redirect the nozzles also
  6. Beats me...mine didnt start to go out till 90k KM.
  7. bad vibrations?? That may be a motor mount issue, but the hesitation can usually be taken care of by general maintainance.
  8. All of the blocks(1jz/2jzgte or 1jz/2jzge) are pretty much the same. The only real difference is the oil squirters arent installed in the GE blocks and there isnt any taps for oil to the turbos. Naturally the 1jz blocks are shorter by 20-30mm i think. Heads will bolt to either block and the only differences in there are the port spacing and direction. Also, dont believe everything you hear about Japan. There arent any junkyards with TT supras lined up as far as the eye can see next to the R34 GT-Rs. The government is very strict as far as modifying your car and what you can get away with. There are some shady places to go, but its your !Removed! if you get caught.
  9. All you should have to do is take off the trim pieces from your foot level all the way up to the padded stuff around the steering wheel. Theres screws for the stuff around foot/knee level and the padded stuff comes out by pulling. Once you take off all of the trim pieces just disconnect the plug that goes to the trunk release and put a paperclip or a wire in the connector to connect the two wires. By the way, the Soarer never came in AWD. The UZZ32 was active suspension/4 wheel steering 1UZ V8 and thats the closest to perfection that it came
  10. If the dealer is quoting you $180 for pads then that better include the front, rear, and e-brake pads. If not then i would never go to that dealer again
  11. Yeah, it was randomly pinging and stuttering at very low rpms (2k), so i just hard wired it in. Works great now
  12. I have the R154 in my Soarer and if i had the choice i would go to the V160. The R154 just isnt a fun transmission to use. Its notchy and so damn heavy to shift, but thats the nature of the beast. Either one will handle the power as long as youre not doing clutch drops, but the v160 will be much easier to drive, especially in america with the open roads
  13. Fuel pump ecu regulates between high pressure and low pressure depending on rpm. I think around 4k it kicks over to high pressure on the JZ, not sure about the UZ though. In the backseat, behind the left panel (Drivers side for the US), youll see it hanging there. Just one screw and a small wire harness and its done. Ive had mine bypassed for a few months now with no problems.
  14. Trust me, unless you keep on it 24/7 itll go back to "normal" in a few days
  15. With an open exhaust the boost comes on low and its really unknown how long the stock turbos will last with higher boost levels. Ive run mine at almost 1bar for a year with no problems, however some people blow them after a month. Im converting to single so it doesnt make much difference to me. Supraforums has some stock 1JZ dyno graphs posted in their forum
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