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  1. hey i like your stereo setup where can i get a cd holder likes yours?

  2. dynamat fixed my problem. riped out the trunks guts, dynamated everything including the gas tank. sound deadining is a wonderful thing
  3. oh and to who ever says an SC400 has no potential.... check out for all your sc400 needs
  4. theres most likely something wrong with the engines. like they have no internals
  5. on a 98 a 3" would work, but on a 93 i would say 2.5. unless you have other mods and your car is breathing real well.
  6. someone made their 4.0 a 4.6 and ran some crazy times on the track, the thing was lout as hell to. wish i remember where that link was though
  7. bottom line, the sc has more potential. when i look at an sc, i see a hidden supra just waiting to be unleashed. the sc has so much more of an aftermarket for the engine just because its a 2jz. also i think there are alot of sexy body kits like the auto-couture, and the wald. i think that the sc is one of very few cars that maintains a classy feel even if it has over 1000hp and tq to the wheel. but honestly if you dont want a 10sec car, but you still want fast and sexy go with a 98+ sc400, put on a good exhaust and intake and watch the m3 fall behind.
  8. According to the guy on club lexus he spent $9,000. which sounds right.
  9. It will work with no problem, its just that custom turbos might be cheaper than a brand new S/C kit that hasnt even hit the market yet (at least i think it hasnt) their website still says the price is TBA. Turbos are more fun imo to, turbos just have more potential.
  10. I just took out my stock pioneer speakers from the front, tweeter and woofer. you can have them for the low low price of $20 :D
  11. i took mine to a shop and had one custom made, i think it came out looking real good. just get custom man, dont do double din unless you get a clarion touchscreen tv put in there
  12. American Stitching is the name of the company i believe, or something along thoes lines. The only problem is its not matching wood, you would be getting the LS430 wood, where as the SC has burlwood
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