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My 99ES300 w 39,000miles gives about 22mpg hwy and 20mpg city+hwy I think it is low.....I did check the air filter which looks good....I am thinking of taking it to the dealer and getting some engine sensor diagnostics done.......another thought is to use some sort of fule injector cleaning additive.......any suggestions? Thanks

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Gas mileage is dependent on each car...even if they are identical year, make, and model. Steve can attest to that. His gets well above the normal mileage.

My car (completely stock) aside from the K&N filter gets about 25 on average and up to 29 on road trips. I use 93 octane too it's a trade off...better mileage, but more expensive gas. :chairshot:


PS. I have a good story about mileage though. A friend of mine bought a brand new Toyota tacoma the same time I bought mine (used of course) and his got less miles per gallon than mine. Both had identical V6 engines, but his was 5 years newer. It's very much dependent on the manufacturing quality of each vehicle.

Horsepower falls in the same category...some cars are fast...some are not. It can vary up to 15 hp or more between identcal models.

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SW03ES, simple combination of 93 octance + K&N Filter + synthetic oil (I use Mobil 1) + tire psi at 32 + sensible driving.

OK OK, I have to be honest, I like to hear the motor growl now and then, too.

Before the K&N, I was getting 20-21 mpg around town and about 27-29 on all out highway trips. Everything else was the same.


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Hi Guys, i just bought a 1997 lexus es300 (sw03es contributed to my questions there..thanku again) so I am really enjoying the 'lexus' feel, this car drives better than my 2005 civic that i used to have...! the one thing that is freaking me out though is the mileage. I am in canada, and so far i seem to be surely getting below 20 MPG.. at 20MPG a full tank should basically do 440KM/250miles. i think i am getting lower than that though i've done only 110 km its already at a the 60% mark (maybe the needle is not 'linear', not sure, maybe i am freaking out prematurely). at the current rate i am estimating it will only do 320ish km to a tank...most of my driving is 90% city 10% highway.

I am thinking it could be:

1. maf sensor

2. air filter (it does need a service, taking it in for oil/ filter/tune up/etc this weekend)

3. spark plugs

any ideas? help? :(

is there a way to read codes? i did have it professionally checked out and their computer did not pickup any codes.

its cold up here, so the a/c has been off (i have turned it off manually).

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I have 02 with 80k miles.

I get about 19-20 in city and up to 22-23 in mixed. I get as high as 32 on hwy. So within city I get about 310 miles on a full tank (15.5 to 16 gallons)

I think, to me the biggest culprit are (in order)

tire pressure

air filter


So my question is, what tire pressure we should keep in 02? I know Lexus wants 29, but if I keep 32, I get better mileage :-),any issues with that?


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I just sold my 1997 ES 300 (Lexus trade in for a 2004 ES 330). I consider myself a mild "hypermiler" using most of the basic techniques, and NONE of the dangerous or controversial ones. My overall average MPG for about 50K miles was 28mpg. This was higher than most any other as compared on the website FUELLY.COM. How you drive makes a huge difference on the mileage between one driver and another using the same car.

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