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  1. good info, esp on the filters. i shall avoid the cheap fram ones!
  2. Any feedback on high mileage oils? I bought my es300 (1997, 188,000 KM, ie 116,000 miles) and did an oil change right away (Regular 5w30 oil). its due for its change in March or so. I am not going to change to synthetic because all the service records show the previous owner has used regular oil (and always changed the oil at regular intervals of 5-8,000km but no more than 8,000 km). However, it is an old car, and the valve cover gaskets do "sweat" a bit,but no biggie. not really losing any oil . (i guess whenever it goes for its timing belt late next year or so I'll get the valve cover gask
  3. Darth Read, how is your car doing since the tune up? i recently bought a lexus es300 too! so far so good , great drive! MrLexLuther, 40% difference in what? mileage or performance? i havent reset mine (kinda scared too actually...)
  4. Thanks Sump...found it today (hidden on the passenger side, right above the rear three spark plugs) and i changed it out. pried it out gently with a flatbed screwdriver and it was a simple pop out/pop new one in. didnt have a grommet so used the one on there, cleaned it up a bit...hopefully will hold. easiest maintenance item after an air filter :)
  5. hi guys i am trying to replace the pcv valve on my 97 es300 as well, i think its about time it gets anew one..but..first time ia m doing this, where is it?!!! does anyone have a pic or maybe can help direct me to where it is..
  6. Hi ml30306, I might be having a similar issue, i was wondering how far you got and if you did replace the strut mounts did that solve your problem..? i will go to my mechanic soon (And replace the sway bar bushings anyway and check the strength of the brake calipers,etc) ...not sure yet what it is on my 97 es300
  7. I am happy i just found the full service manual for my lexus es300 1997!

  8. Hi Guys, i just bought a 1997 lexus es300 (sw03es contributed to my questions there..thanku again) so I am really enjoying the 'lexus' feel, this car drives better than my 2005 civic that i used to have...! the one thing that is freaking me out though is the mileage. I am in canada, and so far i seem to be surely getting below 20 MPG.. at 20MPG a full tank should basically do 440KM/250miles. i think i am getting lower than that though i've done only 110 km its already at a the 60% mark (maybe the needle is not 'linear', not sure, maybe i am freaking out prematurely). at the current rate i am e
  9. so as an update to everyone here, i bought the es300! while i did try to be as logical as a Vulcan, there is that emotional element that sets in the minute you sit in a lexus's drivers seat :) . I got it professionally inspected and also got a second opinion from another mechanic, both said it looked ok. so , i jumped in! here is hoping it works out for me (and the car lol)
  10. Thanks Paul A. appreciate the advice. I will try my best to be objective when i see it again next week! will post back here once i know what the mechanical check says...though ofcourse i am hoping there is no sludge/other issue..
  11. thanks SW03ES... i will let you guys know how it goes, next week sometime i should be able to send it in for a mechanical check + check for the sludge issue. lets see, if the owner agrees i'll get its valve cover opened up to take a look too...
  12. thanks guys, esp SW0ES. makes sense, i will ask him to look under the oil cap. now, if there is sludge, that brings us to a decision point: 1. if there is sludge, do i just walk away? 2. if there is sludge (but the car drives ok now) , and i from now on, ONLY put in synthetic oil every 5000KM, will the sludge build up/become an issue.. i dont know what the composition of this stuff is, does it harden over time,etc. i have found a second es300 99 (205,000km) that i am also exploring, but this is my first choice pending a mechanical check... i do now have that 'desire' to own one since i dr
  13. thanks guys for your advice and feedback...super helpful!
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