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  1. I just posted a thread about my SC on the f/s forum. Just wanted to let y'all know. Thanks!
  2. I've found a killer deal on a 98 GS300 cd changer and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it would be plug and play in my 92 SC300 with the Pioneer system, 12 disc changer. The dealer says it won't on account of different part numbers, but I've been told that ES300 cd changers will work in the SC so maybe the same thing with a GS? Any help is appreciated. :D
  3. Don't the newer SC's (99-00) have a evaporation recovery system?
  4. Got your message dcfish. Thanks man. I guess the hunt is on for a 96 ES changer now. Any suggestions anyone? I'd prefer to spend as little money on this as possible...
  5. Are you planning to buy the 12disc changer and then test it out? No, I already have the 12 disc in my SC and it's a pieca poo. That's why I'm thinking about doing the 6 disc swap. The only reason I thought of it is cause I'd heard at some point or another someone mention on here that they had done it and it worked just fine. I know that that ES changer has the capability to rewind and the SC changer only fast forwards. I also know that the SC changer is made by Panasonic and the ES changer is made by Pioneer. As for the plug compatability, I no longer have my ES service manuals and I don't have a service manual for the SC so I don't know if the connectors are compatable, short of just visually inspecting them. I do have a 92 ES changer that I know is broken, but I'm gonna use it to see if the connectors at least match up. I doubt they do...that just seems too easy, and everyone knows that the E in Lexus doesn't stand for "easy" anything...
  6. I've heard somewhere that the 92-96 ES300 6-disc changer is plug and play with a 92 SC300 with the 12 disc Panasonic CD changer. Can anyone confirm this before I start searching for one? And on that note, does anyone have one sitting around that they might wanna sell me?
  7. So how about you just end the speculation and race? Ya lose some, ya win some...that's just how it goes.
  8. Well I got the impression from looking at the service records that the car was always well cared-for; it's had all of the scheduled maintenances, performed at the Lexus dealer, up to the 85k(?) mile service. Anything and everything that ever broke on the car was repaired at one of 2 Lexus dealers, one of which is mine. Sounds like I got a few things I need to check on though...
  9. I'm assuming that this might be an internet auction (based on your comment about all the pictures)? If so, I'd of course suggest looking at the car in person if possible. I do some ebay-ing myself and you'd be surprised how good something can look in a photo...Other than that, I know that if I saw that offer locally, I'd say that's a pretty good deal. Not a STEAL, but definitely a good deal. (I'm in East TN) In any case, it sounds like a much nicer "daily driver" than mine (that's what mine was initially...) Probably a great car-these things are troopers, even if they haven't been meticulously maintained.
  10. I'm aware that head gaskets are a common problem on Supras/SC's. (Apparently on older ES's too, but that's a different story...) Anyway, my car has, on a rare occasion, done some funny things since I've owned it, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe a head gasket is in my future. First off, since the first time I ever looked at it, I've noticed that it doesn't idle as smooth when you FIRST start it up as it does once the engine is warmed up. Another thing is that on an extremely rare basis, the idle will drop below normal until it's at about 500RPM and it feels like there's a miss. However, the split second you give it a little gas, it responds just fine, but once it idles back down, the same thing will happen. Then, next red light, back to normal...The third thing is that from time to time, with the engine warm and the A/C off, the heater will blow cold air for a while and then, for seemingly no reason (and I've tried to make some sorta connection as to what triggers it but can't really find one) turn hot and stay hot until/unless you turn the thermostat down. The last thing that really has got me thinking about this is that in the 25k miles I've owned it (now up to 155), it's gotten a little too warm twice, and I believe that I pinpointed the cause to a lack of coolant in the reserve tank. It just seems to be disappearing, but not out the overflow hose-somewhere else...I've not noticed any oil in the coolant, although it is quite dirty (I plan to flush it once the weather warms up) and no coolant or moisture buildup in the oil or on the dipstick as my dad noticed on his old Supra just before head gasket time. It also doesn't smoke or have a peculiar exhaust smell. I replaced the plugs a while back and they all looked perfectly normal, albeit a little dirty from 13 years of driving. SO, all that said, what do you guys think? Anything sound familiar? (sorry for the long post...just wanna be precise)
  11. I just saw my old post from a few years ago. Guess I should update-92 SC3 stock, A/T, open interstate, summer night, 3AM, me and a fat guy, 142 before I hit a slight uphill and lost a few MPH. Beats the hell outta 128 in the ole ES. In the words of Ron Burgandy, I'm not even mad.
  12. Poor car...I wish I could find a MT SC that'd been as well cared for as this one sounds like it was. I certainly wouldn't abuse it.
  13. Oh, and not to mention not too many people would be asking you for your money...well once again, in my group of friends...
  14. Yeah but I thought I'd get more personal enjoyment outta being able to say I can !Removed! it out. Just imagine, one of your friends is bein all cocky and is like "oh! well! whenever I learn how to !Removed! money..." and then you'll be like "funny you should say that my friend..." and then wouldn't you just be "the !Removed!"....okay well maybe in my group of friends.
  15. Well I'm actually still in the final development stage in how to !Removed! money, but I'll keep everyone posted as to how my research is going. Shortly after that, I plan to turbo the SC.
  16. I can't believe you guys can find shops that will do R-12 anymore. I thought it was illegal now. I know that with my 92, they wanted to convert the system to R-134a no matter where we went to try and get it recharged. THAT'S where the money becomes an issue...
  17. Mcelligott where aarreee you? He's the man you're lookin for.
  18. Hey guys! Remember me? Just thought I'd stop by and see how everyone's doin here on the ES end of the LOC world :D Haven't been on in forever! Looking at the gallery, I see that nice ES/Supra (I wasn't sure what it was, judging by the taillights.....riiight....) is still there. Anyway, the SC doesn't give me much trouble , and the transmission is rock solid :P
  19. OH! I forgot I have a 1992 ES changer in my garage. Didn't work in my ES but maybe it will in my SC (I doubt it...I think it's shot). As for "do I need one"..that depends. Got one for someone on a college kid's budget? :D
  20. So I don't see that it's been asked so far, and my apologies if it has but has anyone tried this with the optional 270 watt 10"sub 12disc Pioneer system in a 92 SC300? *fingers crossed*
  21. You could always go with the poor college kid approach- portable CD player with tape deck adapter. Works great for me! More bass if I'm feelin ghetto (really gets that 10" sub pumpin), always got my CD player with me if I need it, and no more messing with getting in the trunk and changing out CD's. My factory one hasn't worked right since I got the car. Such a shame too, cause it's definitely the only way to bring out the true potential of that stereo system : ( By the way, sorry for the pretty much worthless post. Just tryin to keep the mood light around here! B)
  22. I played around with it some yesterday when I got home. I had to loosen and temporarily bend the quarter panel just to get the door to open! Anyway, I noticed a tiny bit of play-not even a full millimeter I'd say- of upward/downward play in the door if I hold it at the bottom and lift up on it. But, it's so little, it's nearly impossible to tell where on the hinge is the "pivot point" (this was obviously a joint effort with my dad, and neither of us could tell exactly where the looseness was...). Ended up I had to use wooden door shims and literally bend the quarter panel a little bit and re-position it in order to make the door operable. Lost some paint in the process too...the door at least opens now but the clearance is seriously about the width of 3 sheets of paper. I guess the next step is to get another hinge, but it's hard to believe that just that TINY bit of play would cause all this trouble. It's almost as if I've hit something and bent the quarter panel but I know I haven't. This is just all too strange...
  23. So yeah...what's this about a SC330?? Pity, it sounds like a V-6 rather than an I-6. Oh well, I'm sure it'd still eat my 92's lunch haha.
  24. My driver door went through a popping spell not long back. I did the same and sprayed WD-40 all over it and it eventually corrected itself, until yesterday. It started popping again, and now this morning, I went to get outta my car and the door was being unusually stubborn, so I gave it a strong push and it didn't budge. I get outta the passenger side and walk around, only to discover that the reason it woudln't open is that the leading edge of the door was actually making contact with the quarter panel. Now my quarter panel is pooched outward, there's a slight bend on the front of the door, all the paint on the edge is chipping and the door won't open. I'm afraid I'm going to have to remove the quarter panel to open it without damaging it any more. So much for that perfect, never wrecked look...any suggestions on where to find a hinge for less than an arm or leg?
  25. My 92 SC3 has a very intermittent rough idle (I'm talkin it's probably done it 3 times since I bought it back in like July 04) It's around 750RPM, it feels as if one of the cylinders is missing and the car is gonna die, but it never does and it goes away the second I give it a little gas. Plugs perhaps?
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