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  1. Hello, I am looking into purchasing an SC i know for a fact that I want one I'm just stuck on which one to buy the SC400, or the SC300 5-SPD. Well the SC3 has some problems other than it is a terquoise color. The power mirrors wont move neither will the passenger seat. If anyone has experienced this please tell me. This is almost the only reason I'm not getting the sc3. I want 5-SPD!!!!!! THANKS
  2. THANKS, Is there anything I should look for when looking at this SC400.
  3. My friend used to work at a Lexus dealership and he told me that most of the sc300's and the SC400 had check engine lights on. Is this a common thing for these cars, and what is usually the problem. Im planning on buying a 93 SC400 if anyone has advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT.
  4. Alright, im really looking into buying this sc400 it is a 1993 and has about 170k miles i was wandering what to look for and what to check out before i purchase the vehicle. any spot that might get damage first because of abuse well thanks.
  5. how fast has anyone gone in all kinds
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