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  1. @ blake: how the heck did the seat and steering wheel get holes in it? @juan: that's what happens when you get cheap tint... my friend's mom has an es 250 that still runs like a beauty. but it's pretty much the same as a camry, it just has the lexus sign on it. but then again, i guess the es has always looked similar to the camry...
  2. i remember there being a website posted that had modified es 300's, but i don't think there were any of the 2003 models. somebody remember the website?
  3. i remember there being a post about clearing headlights, probably about a year ago, but i think i remember seeing pictures too. the steps were pretty much the same i think. maybe do a search?
  4. hahaha, i find myself staring out the window at my 2003 ES too should be working instead :chairshot:
  5. my friend has an '88 camry that's still running strong, dirtiest piece of crap on the road but it has more than 500k miles on it, and it never breaks down... amazing... btw, i read in motor trend that toyota is now the #1 seller of cars in the U.S. but i don't think that includes trucks and stuff in the category of cars.
  6. i'm in so cal, and i'd be interested! it'd be nice to learn how to detail my car :)
  7. yea, good job on the facelift. i was actually very surprised, i hadn't visited the forum in a while, and when i come back, voila! :)
  8. hmmm... i hear a rattling every once in a while in my back area too, maybe i should actually pay attention and see if i can locate where the sound is coming from. i just assumed that it was coming from the rear sunshade area, but maybe my rattle is in the door area too...
  9. i heard that starting in 2004 it's illegal to have a tv in the front seat area. don't get caught ;)
  10. i've been averaging 21 these days cuz i keep driving through surface streets... all the stop and go is killing my gas mileage...
  11. so sk, where'd you get your custom cold air intake from?
  12. my friend had a camry, i think 92, and once when we were driving i needed to get something out of the glove compartment but it was locked, so while we're driving on the freeway, my friend takes his key out of the ignition keyhole, reaches over and unlocks the glove compartment, then sticks the key back into the ignition... crazy, ain't it?
  13. what's the difference in the ML systems for each car?
  14. but how much value would the dealer deduct from the car for trading it in?
  15. I'm an accountant working for KPMG, which is a big 4 accounting firm. I specifically work in the audit department, meaning I'm out at a client making sure that they're financial statements don't have material misstatements, so that when you invest in a company based on their 10-k reports filed with the SEC, you can rely on those statements because we audited them. We have a ton of clients, but a couple you might recognize that I've personally worked on are VCA Antech and Honda Motors, although I wish Toyota was our client instead :P
  16. what the heck??? my 03 fully loaded sticker price (without chrome rims) was $40,311. why is the 04 ES 330 cheaper? well, sticker price i mean, since i got mine for 33,500. but i would've thought that sticker price would be higher for the 04 than the 03... <_<
  17. i think that the keyhole in the driver's side door would always be there because of the emergency card key that they give us. if we have an emergency key without the remote, and there's no keyhole, so much for having an emergency key
  18. i have a wallet key, but in order to start the car i need to insert the key into the ignition, then as i'm turning the key in the ignition, i need to place the card that holds the wallet key next to the key because the chip is inside the card... do i make any sense? :P
  19. i still don't know what the transmission problem is... but i've had some other problems... but i still love my car, and enjoy it to the fullest. :)
  20. i just worked a deal for a close friend of mine for the premium plus package with 18" wheels. sticker price was $39,413, i got the deal for her at $35,700
  21. whoa, crazy, i never knew there was so much going on inside of shocks/struts. very nice description of what they actually do! :D
  22. i like my comfort, especially after a hard day at work... i don't wanna be feeling all the cracks and bumps in the freeway on my way home :D
  23. haha, if somebody hits your car, hit it back :P
  24. do the 03's have this ac filter? should i go buy one? is that why cars smell sometimes? because the ac filter is dirty or not there?
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