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  1. I just posted a thread about my SC on the f/s forum. Just wanted to let y'all know. Thanks!
  2. Lex3486

    F/s 92 Sc300

    Hey guys. I've decided to sell my SC. Here's a rundown of the car. - 1992 SC300 A/T - 162k miles - garnet exterior w/gray interior - 2nd owner - $4295 obo Maintenance - new tires (Falken Zeix V-rated directional tires, 420 treadwear) - recent ceramic brake pads & turned front rotors - recent NGK platinum spark plugs - coolant system flushed, refilled with Toyota antifreeze - oil changed every 3500-5000 miles, Castrol GTX used - previous owner serviced the car almost exclusively at Lexus dealers, except for oil changes; all major services done up to 80k, in addition to c
  3. I've found a killer deal on a 98 GS300 cd changer and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it would be plug and play in my 92 SC300 with the Pioneer system, 12 disc changer. The dealer says it won't on account of different part numbers, but I've been told that ES300 cd changers will work in the SC so maybe the same thing with a GS? Any help is appreciated. :D
  4. Don't the newer SC's (99-00) have a evaporation recovery system?
  5. I've had a 92 ES300 cd changer and a 93 ES300 amplifier sitting in my garage forever and I'm wondering if they'd be of use to anyone for parts or repair. I had a local shop try and fix the CD changer back in the day but they couldn't get it to do anything other than just give an "Err" message. I don't know the first thing about them so it might be an easy fix. As for the amplifier, the rear channel is blown (I was trying to install an amplifier and subs and accidentally crossed some wiring somewhere). Again, I don't know anything about the amplifiers so it could maybe be fixed, or of use f
  6. Hey guys. I'm looking for a 92-96 ES300 6-disc CD changer to replace the 12 disc POS in my 92 SC300. I would prefer one outta a 96 model, as they supposedly are a better changer, but I'm open to whatever I can come up with. I figure there's bound to be someone around that upgraded their stereo and has one just sitting around. I don't want to invest alot of money into this but hit me with whatever you've got and we'll go from there. Thanks! :D ~Eric
  7. Got your message dcfish. Thanks man. I guess the hunt is on for a 96 ES changer now. Any suggestions anyone? I'd prefer to spend as little money on this as possible...
  8. Are you planning to buy the 12disc changer and then test it out? No, I already have the 12 disc in my SC and it's a pieca poo. That's why I'm thinking about doing the 6 disc swap. The only reason I thought of it is cause I'd heard at some point or another someone mention on here that they had done it and it worked just fine. I know that that ES changer has the capability to rewind and the SC changer only fast forwards. I also know that the SC changer is made by Panasonic and the ES changer is made by Pioneer. As for the plug compatability, I no longer have my ES service manuals and I
  9. I've heard somewhere that the 92-96 ES300 6-disc changer is plug and play with a 92 SC300 with the 12 disc Panasonic CD changer. Can anyone confirm this before I start searching for one? And on that note, does anyone have one sitting around that they might wanna sell me?
  10. So how about you just end the speculation and race? Ya lose some, ya win some...that's just how it goes.
  11. Well I got the impression from looking at the service records that the car was always well cared-for; it's had all of the scheduled maintenances, performed at the Lexus dealer, up to the 85k(?) mile service. Anything and everything that ever broke on the car was repaired at one of 2 Lexus dealers, one of which is mine. Sounds like I got a few things I need to check on though...
  12. I'm assuming that this might be an internet auction (based on your comment about all the pictures)? If so, I'd of course suggest looking at the car in person if possible. I do some ebay-ing myself and you'd be surprised how good something can look in a photo...Other than that, I know that if I saw that offer locally, I'd say that's a pretty good deal. Not a STEAL, but definitely a good deal. (I'm in East TN) In any case, it sounds like a much nicer "daily driver" than mine (that's what mine was initially...) Probably a great car-these things are troopers, even if they haven't been meticu
  13. I'm aware that head gaskets are a common problem on Supras/SC's. (Apparently on older ES's too, but that's a different story...) Anyway, my car has, on a rare occasion, done some funny things since I've owned it, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe a head gasket is in my future. First off, since the first time I ever looked at it, I've noticed that it doesn't idle as smooth when you FIRST start it up as it does once the engine is warmed up. Another thing is that on an extremely rare basis, the idle will drop below normal until it's at about 500RPM and it feels like there's a miss. However
  14. I just saw my old post from a few years ago. Guess I should update-92 SC3 stock, A/T, open interstate, summer night, 3AM, me and a fat guy, 142 before I hit a slight uphill and lost a few MPH. Beats the hell outta 128 in the ole ES. In the words of Ron Burgandy, I'm not even mad.
  15. Poor car...I wish I could find a MT SC that'd been as well cared for as this one sounds like it was. I certainly wouldn't abuse it.
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