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Anyone Else Going To This?

white ice

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i just recieved a invitation in the mail from lexus. it is to test drive thier vehicles as well as many others such as bmw, jaguar, volvo, acura. it is sponsored by lexus. it is be held at texas motor speedway, the weekend of nov 20-21. is anyone going to this event? has anyone gone to an event like this before? check it out www.lexustasteofluxury.com

hope to see ya'll there

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Why what are tehy going to do ,kick you out of a free event?


I am sure tehy let you enjoy its flair just not get sidways.

Exactly, there's no need to beat a new Lexus to get a feel for the car, that's not something you 'need' to do. They had enough respect to invite you to the event, everyone should have the same to not beat the utter honda out of their cars. (No offense to Honda owners) B)

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I've gone to a few of the test drive events. They are a BLAST! There are several courses that do let you drive the cars fairly hard. If you are an erratic driver they give you a warning by marking your name badge with a slash (/) mark. If they have to warn you again, you get another slash (\) mark. The two slash marks form an X which means you can stay at the event, but you can no longer drive the courses.

I recommend reserving the first available slot. I was able to drive all the cars in the ES330/LS430 course within a half-hour. I had a great time. Good food was served, too! :)

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What sucks is I can receive an invite by requesting it, but its in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow! Are you able to get in without an invitation in hand ? Can I be like hey this is my Lexus, and they graciously let me in? ;)

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I went to a Lexus test drive event a few years ago. They had a road course set up to test the SC400 against the Jag coupe and mercedes. You could get a good idea of how the cars feel in an autocross type setting. The food was good and the people were pleasant. While they may have changed the format, I would suggest going to the event as it is a good way to compare the offerings of other manufacturers with their Lexus counterparts. The SC400 may not have looked as sexy as the Jag but it was far more comfortable with a better view of the road and better handling which is why I bought one. I still think the SC400 was the finest car Lexus ever made.

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