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  1. I've searched and found some information, but nothing extremely helpful... My Nak amp shorted out for the second time (gone through two amps) so now I'm looking to replace it with an aftermarket. If anyone knows the best way to do this I would appreciate the help. I'm also looking for a pin diagram for the wire harnesses that attach to the amp and cd changer...I have a 96 system. Thanks a bunch, caglo
  2. Odds are a drainage tube from the gas door split and leaked water on your amp shorting it out. Maybe re-connect and let it dry out for a couple days and try the fuse again...
  3. Hey guys, I'm usually over in the SC forum, but am looking into a GS400. I've been reading reviews and performance specs for a long while now and it seems as though the 98 GS400 rises up over the next few years of the same model? Can you guys confirm this? Braking in 112ft, 0-60 in 5.7, excellent slalom times...I look at '99 and '00s and they don't have the same specs (worse). I thought it was kinda odd, but cool at the same time. If anyone is interested in my 96 SC, check out the ad on cars.com asking 11,000. Thanks guys.
  4. I couldn't seem to find the braking distance for a 96 SC400. Anyone know? Thanks!
  5. Opinions needed: I'm considering trading my 96 SC400 for a 98 GS400. Although alot of the decision is personal opinion of the cars, I'd like any input on the sc vs the gs. At a glance, it looks like I'd be sacrificing some good looks for more power. Tell me what you think.
  6. One of my rear speakers in my 96 SC is already out and the other is on its way. Anyone know a cheap place to get OEM nakamichis? If anyone has experience with aftermarkets and was pleased, I'll take recomendations too! Thanks!
  7. It's probably your amp in the trunk, under the cd changer. Sometimes water drains near the amp and causes problems, sometimes it just acts up. I don't really have a fix for you besides a new amp, if it is the problem anyway.
  8. I need to adjust mine as well. I think it's a white knob you turn to adjust, but mine isn't changing no matter how much I turn it.
  9. I just ordered some Yokohama avid v4s. Anyone have some reviews for me that have these on their SC?
  10. So I was driving along and there was a very faint pop...no more sound. I assumed the amp had gone out (for the second time, dealer installed), but three days later I turned the stereo back on after a day's rest and it worked like nothing had happened. Then just today it went out again. Stereo powers up fine, just no sound. Searching the forums, I only found dead amps with absolutely no sound, but this deal with it cutting in and out has me confused.
  11. I had the exact problem. Took it to the dealer and they said my gauge was broke...a month or so later my radiator blew up.
  12. My personal fastest is a little over 120 mph. I was coming home from a game going about 70 in a 50 already and a nice big pickup decides I'm not going fast enough. When I saw him try to pass I just floored it till he was a spec in the rearview mirror, thus coining the phrase "speccing" someone. Probably not the safest thing to do by any means, but a good use of the power nonetheless. IMO
  13. Nice buy...are there speakers blown or anything? I have the Nak system and think it sounds incredible. Just thought that was strange.
  14. Yeah, I played a tape to make sure it wasn't the iPod adapter...only the left side.
  15. First off, going to a Lexus forum probably won't get you a very unbiased opinion lol...but yeah, I'd go for the car. Even though its an older model, it'll take care of you better than most cars that age, so thats a big plus for someone YOUR age. As far as power, yeah its got quite a bit but it won't beat the mustangs and alot of other higher end sports cars. I've found that you really get a sense of superiority over the other cars on the road with the SC though. It's one of the best sounding cars I've heard so it'll definitely impress your friends...It looks very sharp and won't go out of style...and it doese have the balls to smoke most of your friends wannabe ricers (assuming you have 'those' kids at your school). I'm 18 so I can relate. You won't regret getting it.
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