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  1. Now that I've seen them, I wouldn't mind having black badges either. My car is Black, but I really don't want to do bodywork to remove them. I could Black Chrome the badges then.
  2. I'm curious as to what the JDM MAS came off of.
  3. Have you looked at the wiring for the fuel pump? If they bypassed the ECU, I'm sure there's a reason. Maybe they cobbled the wiring for the fuel pump, before they tried bypassing the ECU. The Fuel Pump is a breeze to get to, and might be worth checking into.
  4. That is great you are a dealer but I think people here and myself need more then that. Plus I do not take what dealers say “to the bank” & you do not sell product that way. I have used the stuff for 12 years and I personally think it is the best product for the money. I was a dealer at one time but stopped for 2 reasons. #1 I get it at commercial pricing from family members so why pay a stupid few for the same thing. and #2 I get tired of Amsoil papers, flyers etc that only tell half the story. ← Actually, you don't need more than that from me, since you're not my customer, and I'm not trying to sell it to you. If you were standing in my show room, that would be a different story. I was just making the comment that yes, there are others out there that use it, and believe in it. I wrote my statement like I did, to make note of my agreeing that it's a good product, but to NOT get involved in the childish bickering that was about to ensue. That was the reason for my vaugeness. With that being said... Amsoil could probably lower their prices if they didn't send out 30 flyers a month to each of their dealers. I completely agree with you on that one. They spend far too much on literature that says the same thing over and over, and it's rather annoying.
  5. We're an Amsoil dealer here, and we all run it in our cars. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it's better, or spout off lab tests. I'm just going to say, we use it, we like it, and that's that. A lot of our customers have switched to it, and also agree.
  6. No one is ever going to agree on something like this. It's all a matter of personal preference. I think Flashjet is right though, this did originate with the Bug, it has nothing to do with JDM, or Japanese. The Japanese didn't design the concept, they just put them on every car. Even the German's put them on a ton of cars. Japanese trends don't inspire me at all. I go with what I like. That's the safest bet.
  7. Well, from my experience under different load situations, a bearing will or won't make noise. When my Rod Bearing started to make noise, it would do it at idle, but as soon as you put the Engine under load, then it wouldn't make the noise until a certain RPM, which was about 3,400 or so. Eventually it got bad enough that it would do it all the time. I also had noise at startup, which was a different tone. I'm assuming that was a Main Bearing at startup, and a Rod Bearing at idle, but I really can't be sure about that. Again, not fact, just my experience with a 2JZ-GE.
  8. Fools that do that *BLEEP* endanger everyone on the road in their lane, in the other lane, and even off the road. Have a blow-out going 120? Yeah, enjoy keeping your car straight. If your car is so damn fast, go to the track and run some real cars, instead of triple digit ricer flybys. ← You know what? I couldn't agree with you more, but bitching at him on a Forum isn't going to do any good. Your words of wisdom don't mean anything to him. If he's dumb enough to race like that on the interstate, then he's not smart enough to hear a damn thing you say. That's the facts. He asked a question, as much as I don't respect what he does, I am a member of this forum, and by being here I'm willing to give people information on things that I know about, and they want to do to their car, no matter how ignorant it is. There's a point when quiet objection becomes dictation, and I'm not going to be the one to cross that line. Sorry...
  9. Could be a Rod Bearing starting to make noise. I don't think I would call it a Knock. Does it make any odd noise during startup?
  10. If he wants to kill himself, let him. Just answer his question. Jesus... An HKS Speed Limit Defencer will fix your problem. Retail is around 120 bucks I think, which means online prices will be around 95-115 bucks. Enjoy. EDIT: I do have one question though. When you race these "ricers" is it still a close race when you hit your Speed Limiter? Or are you way ahead?
  11. I really don't think a fuel pump is something to completely rule out. It could possibly be that. I would also take your timing belt cover off, and give that a look. Just to be sure. Check to see if the car has fuel pressure under the hood. Check to see if the cylinders are firing. If you're going to fix it yourself, you need to start checking into these things. If not, I would just take it to a dealership. It would probably take about 15 minutes to figure out what the problem was.
  12. That's pretty ignorant. I'm all for combating Street Racing, but that API Outreach thing is pretty ridiculous. I really don't think SEMA will stand for something like this. I can pretty much guarantee that they're already breathing down Sacramento's neck for this one. I can already see it now.. "Where does your dad work?" "Oh he's in the Asian Tuner Enforcement Squad! It's sooooo cool."
  13. I'm assuming that this "Half Kit" is the lip kit basically. Correct? Also, I'd like to see how much shipping would be to me. 53545 is the zip. Calculate for the "Half Kit" please.
  14. No, I don't think it would be bad to change the fluid.. Actually, I would suggest that you do. I would change the fluid, and the filter. I think you would benefit from that even if it doesn't fix your "thump" noise that you're having. I'm sure it would help firm up your shifts quite a bit, and probably just clean up the general "sloppy performance" that transmissions usually end up developing after the fluid becomes so used.
  15. I agree, Octane is probably the cause of the issue, but i have a question. Is the sound extremely loud at start up?
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