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  1. Don't forget to get an air filter. I recommend K&N air filter over Lexus air filter so you don't have to replace it often.
  2. According to Lexus IS350 maintenance manual, the air filter needs to be replace at 15K miles. So, i'm just wondering if anyone here has already use K&N air filter and what your opinions are? Thx in advanced.
  3. thank you guys, its a great feeling to share this with all the IS lovers mod list: seibon carbon hood injen short ram intake tanabe muffler tein super street suspension 20" rims stop tech big brake kit(front:6 piston, rear:4 piston) ar racing super drag wing lms front and rear tower brace tanabe under brace ing+1 body kit thats it for now, i will keep working on it. if you have any questions, just let me know. enjoy! ken I like what you have done to your car. BTW, where did you get those break kits. I have been looking for Brembo breaks , but seems like they don't have any f
  4. My car has this problem as well. My local Tom Williams Lexus dealer fixed it last year. The rattles sound stop, but now it about to rattle again...
  5. I had mine tinted a week after i bought the car. No problems with door panels. I guess its who you get it done with.
  6. I've seen people list their car for sale on Ebay autos section.
  7. If you don't want more cabin noise you probably won't like it. I would get it if it sounds like the Nissan 350Z or the G35 coupe.
  8. The dealers now know many Is models have a squeeking brakes so they dont even check them. They jsut tell you up front that its very common and they have nothing they can do to fix this at this point. Solution, change your brakes to an aftermarket brakes. If you want to spend some money, go with brembos. Otherwise is owners look like they have to live with squeeking brakes. I don't have any break squeaking problems yet. But, i do want to change them for Brembos breaks. Last time i called, and they said they don't have any for the new IS 350 yet. This was about 5 months ago. So if anybody
  9. FYI. Some grocery stores are willing to pay for the damage. IF, you can prove that it was their cart(s) that did the DING to your car. ;)
  10. I'm sure your car manual have it listed. It also depends on the size of tires and rims you have on your car.
  11. I know how you feel having to look at it everytime you walk up to the car. You are not alone! You should get a quote from the dealer, and get the moving company to write you a check for the cost of repairing the dent. Take that money, and spend it on something else for your car. :-)
  12. Just curious. How come you didn't get the IS350, which has alot more HP than the IS250 ? BTW, the shark fin looks cool.
  13. You just got a bad tinting job. I could see bubbles as well. You should get them to retint, or hopefuly get your money back.
  14. I would like to meet up, but i'm in AL.... Anyways, congrat on getting your new IS! Its a fun car to drive.
  15. Hi SK, Will you please give us more enfos about the east coast lexus meet in atlanta? Thx. Tony
  16. I'm adding BK to my IS350 soon. Which IS350 Body Kits do you guys think would look nice on the car ? I like the kit from INGS, and also option #1 in black pics from Ltunedparts.
  17. I bought precut 3M clear bra on ebay, and installed it by myself, no paint damage. Just follow the instructions, and be patience. Its easy.
  18. Just got my IS350 as well. I like the up/down shift paddles behind the steering wheel.
  19. Just got my new LEXUS IS350, and wanted to say hello to all IS members on board. Tony
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