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  1. You can get all of the information for the mods on this forum..Don't spend our money on the mod info. I Have one of the kudo mounts in my BMW and like it. It seems to match the interior fairly well for a stamped abs product. Fit was good and tight. Granted this info is about one for a BMW Z3 not a lexus but it should the same. good luck there's an easy way to unlock DVD? I know of the nav unlock, but not the DVD unlock. If the information have already been posted then please tell me. Its one of the biggest complaints my girlfriend has about the IS...
  2. I got 42 in front and 35 in back. i was afraid to get pulled over for tinting the front too dark, so i went with 42, but now i think 35 in the front would be nice too. 20 may be too dark for my taste. I attached some pictures, but not sure how clear you can see the tint clearly though. the car looks black, but it is SGM.
  3. if all she wants is to be able to talk handsfree using bluetooth, then she can consider the Motorola or SonyEricsson car kits. SonyEricsson: go to their website and search for HCB-400. Motorola: search for IHF1000. They are not cheap, but still cheaper than $750 quoted for the Peiker/Alac.
  4. not quite sure which light you are referring to. if its the tiny white LED light, then it wont turn off until you tell the dealer to turn it off in Lexus Personalization Settings. if its the bigger yellow lights, then you should bring it back to the dealer to get it repaired.
  5. The AVG MPG can be reset through the user options menu, you know, the small <> buttons next to the left side of the steering wheel. If you have not reset it, then it probably would be the average mpg since the day the car was produced. It takes a while for any change to the AVG MPG to be noticible because it is the overall history since the last reset. 22.7 is not bad, I only get 18.6.
  6. I went for my 10k mile service yesterday, and told the service rep about the brake pad replacement TSIB. He strongly recommended that I do not change my brake pads. He said that while it is true the new pads will have lot less dust, they will also require longer distance and time to stop. So basically I will be trading stopping power for less dust. My question is for those who have changed their brake pads to the new ones. Is that true? Does changing the pads to the new pads really affect the stopping power that much?
  7. I find that slot very useful for my parking card. I think its a standard feature for all Toyota cars to have a card holder somewhere. Of course, if you dont need to swipe a card to get into a parking lot, then the card holder would be of little use to you. But for me that holder is invaluable since it now saves me a lot of time when compared to how I had to do it before; open the center console and look around for the parking card every single morning with a line of cars behind me at the lift gate waiting impatiently.
  8. I just tested with my 06 350 nav/ML last night, and the ASL does work for me. when the ASL was off, the difference in volume at highway speeds is very noticible.
  9. The quote I got from LMS on the smoked emblems was $600 including the front grill. The guy said the front grill needs to be taken to the factory to be smoked, or something of that nature, so it would take a while. So maybe $349 for just the logos is not that bad. How do peel the old ones off without scratching the paint??
  10. Do you mean that you use up Shell V-Power premium gasoline faster than premium gasoline of other brands? Not really clear on what you mean. V-Power is the premium gas for Shell. I have only used V-Power, and I average about 18 mpg with mostly city driving.
  11. The audio systems available for the IS all play mp3 burned on CDs. They also all play WMAs burned on CDs. However the ML has problems with mp3s/wmas burned on DVD. there were discussions on how to go around that problem, but I havent tried it myself so cant really say if it works or not.
  12. hard to say, when I asked my dealer the same question, he said that the oil that comes with the car contains some special chemicals that help break the car in, and that he doesnt recommend changing the oil until 5000 miles. since the first oil change is free, I waited till 5000 to change my oil and switch to synthetic. The dealer told me that he used Castrol synthetic. But the next oil change I will bring my own Mobil 1.
  13. The sunroof of my 06-350 began to creak a few weeks ago. At first closing the suncover will mute the noise, but lately its been so loud that the cover doesnt help at all. Does anyone else have this problem? if so, how did you fix it?
  14. Isn't it illegal to watch DVDs on the Nav screen, since it's directly in front of the driver? Or is that only a California thing? its illegal to watch only when the car is in motion. the ML system allows for DVD watching when the parking brake is engaged and the gear set to P.
  15. I agree. memory seats, stow away steering wheel, and tilt-down mirrors are some of the things that only came with the luxury package when I got the 06 IS. Not sure if the options are available a la carte with the 07s. I only know that the HIDs are available by itself, which is another nice option to consider. And if money is no object, definitely get the Mark Levinson sound system. I cant be happier with mine.
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