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  1. Does it sound like metal pipes hitting together, like someone blowing through a pipe, or does it sound like someone laying pipe? (Sorry, had to :P ) Do you hear this all the time, or is it only when accelerating, decelerating, going around a corner, hitting a bump, etc? Usually after accelerating, and it sounds kinda like someone blowing through a pipe lol...and lately its been sounding like something is hitting against the bottom of the car when i hit the breaks too, its not all the time though.
  2. Hi, I bought my 2007 IS250 back in October of 06....and I have dent from a grocery cart =(, i guess it was a windy day and the cart flew into my car...and it left a pretty big dent almost 4 inches...the good news is no paint came off, but its a pretty clean dent. Does anyone know how I can get this fixed? I went to a few places, but alot of them told me that its too big for PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) and some said that its not worth fixing. Also, if that wasnt enough, I just started hearing noises when im sounds kinda like pipes not sure how to explain it. Can anyone tell m
  3. I spoke to someone from the dealership yesterday and they gave me a rough estimate without seeing the car. They said they have a "dent wizard" which would be around $120 and then they would have to take it in for body work which would be another $500. But they can't be certain until they see the car. I asked if they have any affiliated auto shops or if they can refer me to one, cuz this dealership is pretty far, and I have to leave my car there, but they said they don't. I'm def gonna go around for estimates this week and check out some places for paintless dent repair.
  4. Do you think I should talk to the dealer i bought the car from first, or would that not help?
  5. Ok so this is the first time I'm writing in this forum, cuz I desperately need some help, and I hope someone can give me some good guidance. I recently bought my new IS 250 '07 model about 2 weeks ago, my very first lexus, and I love I know I can be too anal about him, like parking 500 ft from the nearest car and not taking it to certain places, etc., but I'm trying to loosen up. So yesterday I decided to be a rebel and went to the grocery store, and of course with my luck, a shopping cart, picked up by the wind (really strong winds, if anyone lives in jersey im sure you know), hi
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