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  1. One thing you can do to check the pressure, is look ing the manual. I know with 18" wheels, you should have 35 in fronts and 38 in rears, put that exact pressure in them and the tire pressure light should go out. I had this happen to me two days ago and i put the right air in them and the lights went out. if it stays on after you put the right amount of air in there, i would take it to have it looked at. or have the broker company deal with the issue. good luck
  2. Hey there, I was in the same position. I looked at making the 250 faster and in the long run it is much smarter to go with a 350. i just got mine today and i absolutely LOVE IT. Just look for a 350 that is not to far away that has the same options as your 250 and trade up. I got the EXACT same car plus more for only a couple K more than i sold my 250 for. WAY worth it. And if you have not driven the 350, it is as fast as most two door sports cars, it really is ballz fast.
  3. hey soonsteel. email me at there is another guy on here i have been talking to. I wash mine at carwash without the brush. dry off with microfibers, then wax and wipe with microfiber. only wax once in a while but always use the microfiber. car is silver and still looks sweet.
  4. Hey guys. I am in the market for a sub and amp for my 250. I was wondering if anyone had or would be willing to post pics of their sub setup for those who have upgraded. I am wanting to add a 10 or MAYBE a 12 and amp to my car so my doors and rear dont have to work much at all when it comes to lows. if anyone has some pictures and/or some advice on what they would recommend, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys :chairshot:
  5. yeah. bartkat is right. the sound system is very nice. it has very good bass. IT gets pretty loud but i just want to add a seperate sub to handle the base. i dont like pushing my speakers all the way up to get the bass i like. i would prefer the stock speakers for mids and highs and a seperate sub for lows.
  6. I have an 07 IS250. I have just noticed lately that the front passenger door is kind of clunky when you shut or open it. It seems like there is a slight bit of resistance when closing and opening coming from the door latch. I checked the consistancy of the other doors and they are not clunky at all. I cannot see anything wrong with the door. it looks identical to the others. I am curious as if i should take it in. there is nothing wrong with the door, it closes and all that, but it doesnt have the same smoothness that the others do and that is expected from a lexus. I am pretty sure i am not b
  7. Hey, you have to understand that some strange anomolies happen sometimes. Lexus is an awesome company and i am sure this is something that has probably not happened much ever if at all. They will take care of you, you can be assured of that. Just dont let this ruin your idea of Lexus. They have not been number one luxury car complany in the world for many years straight for putting cars out that do what yours is on a regular basis. jason
  8. read above revo350....I have explained this. I didnt want to pay 5k more and 60 more a month on insurance for more hp i wouldnt use all that often. PLus i have a sport bike that will eat up most any car on the road...speed is not for my Lex
  9. I think the power is compltetly there. If you want to be balls fast, get the 350. i dont think the 350s power make it any more fun to drive then the 250. They are esentially the same car. The 350 is just faster. I dont care though, i love cruising in the 250. the cars interior, looks, gadgets are what i love about the car, and even though the 250 is not FAST it is very fun to drive. If you feel that you race 19yr olds on a regular basis enough to spend the 5k more and have a little higher insurance then get the 350. if you want a very fun car and can be mature when that once a month opportunit
  10. yeah i am very happy with her. she is perfect. much happier with the auto than i was with my last manual. the car is still much more fun to drive in sport mode. still quick in auto. everyone loves it. they are just in utter awe when they see it and all of the toys it comes with.
  11. yeah i am very happy with her. she is perfect. much happier with the auto than i was with my last manual. the car is still much more fun to drive in sport mode. still quick in auto. everyone loves it. they are just in utter awe when they see it and all of the toys it comes with.
  12. My car is not even a *BLEEP*ing week old. You all know the front seat backs. The part on the back of the seats that have the little pouch and is made of some sort of plastic or something. Well, both of them are scratched. I am in the military and we wear flight suits. The flight suits have zippers on them, and there are zippers on our thigh area and knee when sitting down. It looks like one of my buddies that was in the back seat sometime this week or buddies, their flight suit zipper *BLEEP*ing scuffed and tore into that panel. I am so mad. There has been quite a few people this week from wor
  13. just got my windows tinted yesterday. This is what i have noticed. On the rear window. Around the edge, some portions are black ALL the way to the edge of the widow, some stop at the little dots for the rear defrosters...the pics explain what i mean. Is that normal? Secondly. The edges of the side windows are not consistant. Some of the windows are perfect. Some the tint stops before the edge of the window. On the inside it is perfect but it is visible from the outside because of the way the door panels are designed it looks like it would be hard to get the tint under the doorpanel all the
  14. Here are the pics i took yesterday. the car is a week old. I just got the windows tinted yesterday. five percent. really dark. i think it looks great. i love this thing, looks and drives amazing. what do you guys think
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