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  1. where do you guys recommend getting this sub or something similar. I believe a few years ago I had it replaced and they charged me about $750 and that was a discounted price. Are there any other subwoofers that will sound equal or better than this one and not cost that much? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  2. I can't get it to work on my IS350 06, question, do I click the seatbelt while holding the odometer after the 10-30 sec? or do I let go of the odometer at 10-30 sec and then click it? it doesn't seem to work for me, I tried it a few times. thanks in advance for any help
  3. well if you have an iphone, it'll automaticaly dim the sound anyways, but ya the other kit would be much more convinient if it's an ipod. do you have to do the navi override for the ipod interface to show up on the screen while you are driving with the vais? I am interested but I wanna know if I need to do the override for it to work while driving, thanks in advance.
  4. mine does the same thing, I am out of warranty so I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to buy the replacement bulbs and a guide to replace it. thanks.
  5. thanks it looks complicated, I don't even know what I need for my is350. I guess I will look around.
  6. can you point me in the right direction to check this out? does best buy sell it? I have the is350 with mark levinson system would it be compatible? thanks this is cool, I currently have the charger and the aux cable . yuck.
  7. does that mean that you can control your ipod with your steering wheel? I am also interested in this, I currently just use an AUX cable on my center console, which other way can you hook it up?
  8. Thanks, I read all the pages in that thread, but I didn't get my answer I will assume the originals is the best way to go. will just buy those thanks for the link.
  9. Any recommendations on new tires? or should I buy the same that came with the car? I found the originals for $189 if someone is interested. I usually drive freeway, not much rain here in california or snow. please advice. Thanks.
  10. I have used this on my leather for the past 2 years and it works fine. I will try lexol since everyone recommends it.
  11. I will try my luck with the aftermarket. thank you all.
  12. obviously my question was dealer or the other place.
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